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Embedding a Facebook Post

Posted on 27 August 2013

Sometime I see the post and other time I don’t – this may not be a feature you want to use. Another attempt Post by Linda Joseph. Continue Reading

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Selling Products

Extra Income – Sell on Amazon

Posted on 03 March 2014

Do you need extra income? Sell on Amazon Who doesn’t? Here is what I have done and what I do now which is sell on Amazon. Although I have been running a successful Internet consulting business for many years, I have other streams of income.  (You don’t want to have all your eggs in one […] Continue Reading

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Time to Update Your WordPress Install!

Posted on 14 September 2013

If you haven’t updated WordPress lately you will want to update to the latest version 3.6.1. This release is a maintenance and security update to WordPress 3.6 which was released August 1st.     Can you believe that there were nearly 7 million downloads of WordPress 3.6? That is a lot! If you aren’t using […] Continue Reading

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Are You Making One of These Five Mistakes on Facebook?

Posted on 29 July 2013

Unless you are really a student of Facebook and take time learning strategies, it is easy to make mistakes. I thought this article are very good! Not only did he talk about mistakes, he showed examples of the mistake and showed examples of it done correctly. #1 Most Common Facebook Post Mistake: Too Much Text […] Continue Reading

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More Facebook Small Business Tips…

Posted on 26 February 2013

In the last couple of blog posts on Facebook tips, we have taken a look at:  Cover image  Profile pic  Pin Posts Highlight Posts Post Content CTA – Call to Action In this post we are going to cover a couple of key components to successful on Facebook: ENGAGEMENT Facebook is the largest social platform […] Continue Reading

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Small Business Facebook Page Tips

Posted on 20 February 2013

In the last Facebook post I covered how to best use the cover timeline image.  Here are a few more tips that are fast and easy to implement. Profile image – personalize your business!  If you don’t have a photo of yourself in your cover image then make sure you have one in the profile […] Continue Reading

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Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

Posted on 12 February 2013

If you are a small business owner and are not using Facebook, you might be missing out on one of the best free marketing tools there is! Socially Stacked just published an article: “8 Must Know Facebook Tips for Small Businesses”  It has great info on how to best use Facebook to promote your business […] Continue Reading

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Pinterest for Business?

Posted on 14 November 2012

Do you use Pinterest for Business? If you do, you can now set up a Pinterest account for your business! Many of us have been using Pinterest for both personal and business exposure. Now you have the opportunity to sign up  for a Pinterest business account. According to the article in Mashable: Companies will now […] Continue Reading

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Facebook Now Integrates with WordPress?

Posted on 14 July 2012

How to integrate Facebook and WordPress For several years I have used a Facebook app called ‘Networked Blog’ to publish blog posts automatically on my Facebook pages.  It has worked well.  My main beef about the app is that the same image is displayed on every post.  I would prefer to add my own unique […] Continue Reading

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