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Social Bookmarking – What is it?

Posted on 28 March 2008 by Linda Joseph

What is Social Bookmarking?

Everyone wants traffic! Whether you have a service or a product or a personal blog, you probably are looking for ways to drive traffic to your website.

Social bookmarking is a way to drive traffic to your website or blog. I’m sure you are familar with bookmarks or favorites.

On the Internet Explorer toolbar you can designate a site as a ‘favorite.’ IE (Internet Explorer) then save the address of that site in a folder for you. It is very easy for you to retrieve that site when you want.

Firefox has a tool called ‘Bookmarks.’ If you find a site you want to remember, you can place the address in a folder and look for it when needed.

Both of these are extremely handy tools. I would strongly suggest that you have several folders for addresses of sites that are critical to your business.

Social bookmarking is essential the same concept.
There are numerous sites that allow you to:

Store bookmarks of web pages
Search bookmarks
Organize bookmarks
Manage bookmarks

Whereas you typically store your bookmarks on your computer, social bookmarking sites allow you to share your bookmarks.

On your computer you usually organize your bookmarks with folders. However, on most book marking sites you use tags to categorize the bookmarks.

An additional feature of online bookmarking services is the ability to produce a feed for your list of bookmarks. Now my subscribers are automatically notified when I add or tag new bookmarks.

Please let me know about your favorite book marking site.


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Social Bookmarking – What is it and How You Can Use It!

Posted on 25 March 2008 by Linda Joseph

How to Use Social Bookmarking…

In a previous newsletter I mentioned driving free traffic by using The next day I received an email asking
how to use

Here is the video I made showing you how to use

What did you think?? Was this helpful?

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Ipod, MP3 Players, CD Players, and DVD Players – Listen easily in the car…

Posted on 23 March 2008 by Linda Joseph

Internet marketers produces hours of great content and it is hard to find time to listen. I have found that having some good content on hand while during errands or running to pick up one of the kids is a great time to listen. I usually queue up several hours of info on my MP3 player or Ipod and listen when I have a few minutes alone.

I prefer not to have ear phones on when driving and feel safer listening through the speakers. I picked up a little gizmo that works great for this. If plugs into the cigarette lighter and has two inputs: a flash drive USB input or an audio cable.

VR3 WMA/MP3 Wireless Modulator, 12 Volt, Black with Remote

This is the one I use; simple and very reasonable price ,, ~$35.


I actually started loading a flash drive with audios just for the car. This strategy has worked great for long trips. For short trips I just use a cable that plugs into my MP3 headphone jack and the auto input jack on the FM Modulator. I then turn on the radio and tune it to one of the preset frequencies and voila! Press play and I can listen to my audios through the car speaker.

My unit has a pause feature, a power LED indiator, last song/audio memory, last station recall, and a random/shuffle mode (I don’t use.).

Here are a few other options to consider:

In Car 4-in-1 WMA/MP3 Wireless Modulator/FM transmitter for SD Card, USB Pen (Flash) drive and MP3 players (like iPod). Black with Remote Control.AUDIOVOX WFMM1 WIRED FM MODULATORVirtual Reality Sound Labs Mod Pod Wireless 4 in 1 Power Inverter and FM Transmitter

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Search Engines

Posted on 22 March 2008 by Linda Joseph

Search engine basics for the Internet Marketer.

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