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Keywords – Finding the Best Keywords for the Job

Posted on 24 May 2008 by Linda Joseph

Finding the best keywords is not an exact science. There are a number of methodologies and tools. The number of “experts” with “opinions” is neauseating!

So what do you do?

You find an expert and follow what they recommend.

Oh,, but first…. what type of keyword research are you doing? Are you looking for markets where you can provide a product? Are you wanting to get started in affiliate marketing? Are you wanting keyword phrases for article marketing?

I don’t mean to discourage you but to emphasize the need to follow someone who is successful (this is absolutely key!) and follow them.

Keywords for Affiliate Marketing

There is a contest over at JohnCow. … I gotta warn you,,, it it a bit cheesy but the content is good.

Here is a quote from the first lesson on keywords:

You need to understand that just because certain words get lots of traffic, this does not mean at all that the people searching with those terms are even remotely interested in purchasing anything.

If you are interested in learning about finding keywords for affiliate marketing, check out


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What Will Your Impact Be?

Posted on 13 May 2008 by Linda Joseph

Everyone has an impact on those they come in contact with throughout their life. I have been following Ken McArthur who has had a tremendous impact on my life as well of the lives of numerous others.

Ken has spent the last year writing a book on how to get noticed in a noisy world.

To build awareness of his new book, Ken is giving away training from
over thirty of his hand-picked personal advisors with all kinds of
specialties to help you succeed in business on the Internet.

Within minutes you can have access to over 100 hours of advice in a
wide range of subjects that you need to know about right now!

Imagine this …

“44 Complete Conferences including ALL of These ‘Need-To-Know’ Subjects”…

– “How To Stomp the Search Engines”
– “How to Build Search Engine Optimization That Works”
– “How to Write Effective Copy That Can Double Your Profits”
– “How to Make Amazing Profits From Niche Markets”
– “How to Create Products That Sell”
– “How to Get Reciprocal Linking”
– “How to Make Yourself the Obvious Expert”
– “How to Brand Your Brilliance”
– “How to Make Money From Blogs”
– “How to Get Free Publicity For Your Products and Services”
– “How to Build Your List By the Thousands”
– “How to Make Money From Affiliate Programs”
– “How to Take Joint Ventures Beyond the Basics”
– “How to Create Bread and Butter Niche Products”
– “How to Use Multi-Media to Increase Your Sales”
– “How to Use Booklets For Increased Profits”
– “How to Make Your Book a Best-Seller on Amazon”
– And many more …

All of these presentations are from top-level Internet Marketing Experts
like …

Nathan Anderson, Phil Basten, Kevin Bidwell, Anthony Blake, Mike Chen,
Joel Christopher R., Holly Cotter, Jason Cox, Willie Crawford,
Paulette Ensign, Michael T. Glaspie, Carl Galletti, Rosalind Gardner,
David Garfinkel, Frank Garon, Randy Gilbert, Darryl Graham, Sid Hale,
Doug Hudiburg, Jack Humphrey, Andy Jenkins, Gary Knuckles,
Dr. Jeffrey Lant, James Maduk, Jason Mangrum, Jane Mark, Ken McArthur,
George McKenzie, Paul Myers, Dr. Neil Shearing, Anik Singal, Jeff Smith,
Damon Smith, Kim Thomas, Peter Twist, Bryan Voiles, Ramon Williamson,
and Eric Wyson.

What’s even better is that it doesn’t cost a cent. You can grab instant
access to these materials and be learning about a wide range of Internet
Marketing strategies within seconds.

So start getting ready to build your business right now at:

Check out The Impact Factor!

By the way, Ken is also including a great 48 minute live recording
with Ken and Brendon Burchard worth $97 all by itself, so don’t
wait a second!

Helping You Define Your Roadmap for Success,

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