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Traffic Generation – Good Traffic, Bad Traffic

Posted on 22 June 2008 by Linda Joseph

Traffic is what every website and business owner want.  The more people that come to their website/business the more money…

Not Necessarily…

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that you will get traffic.

Just because you have traffic doesn’t mean that you will get more money.

You can get traffic three ways:

  1. Free Search Engine Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic
  3. Referred Traffic

All three of these can provide good traffic or bad traffic.

It all depends on whether the traffic is targeted!  You can pay for traffic but if it is not targeted to your business offer then you are throwing money away.  If your referred traffic is not targeted then they will quickly leave you site.  Even free traffic from search engines is a wasted opportunity if the traffic is not targeted.

What’s the secret?  Understand your market and target your traffic to your market.

Helping you define your roadmap to success,


PS I just read a free report on Traffic that had some great ideas.  I uploaded it so you could have access.
Click here to download.

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TwitterFeed – Live Widget for Twitterfeed

Posted on 17 June 2008 by Linda Joseph

Twitterfeed Widget – I just added a widget in the right navigation for TwitterFeed. (It is just about the MyBlogLog widget.)

Like you, I am wondering,, what is the purpose of this widget? Why would I want it on my blog?

First let’s backup: Twitterfeed is an easy way to put your blog RSS on Twitter. All you do is sign up for an account and then type in your username and password for Twitter. Go to you blog and copy the RSS feed URL and paste the URL in TwitterFeed.

Now you can decide how often you want TwitterFeed to check for new updates and the number of entries you want to show. I chose to check every six hours and show up to five new posts. From the drop down I choose to include both the Title and Description.

The next dropdown is for shortening your URL. Since you only get 140 characters you want to shorten your URL to save space. The options are: TinyURL, TweetBurner, and SnipeURL. I like TweetBurner because it tracks my links and I can find great tweets by browsing through the top tweets listing.

I will send a tweet and see if I can get a response for the value of the Twitterfeed Widget…

Helping You Define Your Roadmap to Success,


PS If you haven’t tried Twitter, sign up for an account now.

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Traffic Generation – How Do I Get More?

Posted on 12 June 2008 by Linda Joseph


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Traffic generation has been and will continue to be a hot topic. It really is the life blood of your Internet business.

I have taught web design for several years. My primary market has been newbies. I understand that most newbies expect to design a site and see the money flowing in a manner of minutes. Most newbies do not understand the front end or the back end of a successful Internet business.

But what surprised me most was to find business owners who didn’t really understand this process. The just wanted more traffic.

When I ask about their market research, I got a blank stare.

When I asked about their competition, there was silence.

When I asked about their conversion, there were shrugs.

Don’t worry about traffic until you know you have a market, know your potential buyers, know their needs/wants, and have a solution. The first step is to research your market and competition.

The next step is to provide a solution to their problem.

Now get your website up which is targeted to your market and solution.

Drive traffic and tweak the sales letter, offer, and bonuses until you have maximized your conversion.

Back to the subject: Traffic Generation… I am working on a report to educate my clients and will let you know when it is ready.

Helping you define your roadmap to success,


PS If you haven’t checked out Ken McArthur, you need to. He is the real deal. I was really impressed with how sincere Ken is at helping others succeed. He just wrote a book on having an impact. Take a look now.

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Vista Rant – Reason 1,000,000,000,000 to stay with XP

Posted on 12 June 2008 by Linda Joseph

I just found out about a really cool piece of software for keywords and I was invited into the beta test.  Boy was I psyched!  I love to try out new tools and give an honest review.  But Vista had other plans!  Vista would not accept Adobe Air for the new product.

I was devastated.  Fortunately I kept an XP system and uploaded the software in a few minutes.  I have been testing it out and will let you know how it stacks up against some of my favorite keyword tools.

If you are in the processing of considering a new desktop or laptop I would strongly urge you to consider sticking with XP.  I have just hired an expert who is going to help me change my laptop from Vista to XP.  I will have re-invest in some software that had limited downloads but the aggravation and time lost from broken software will be worth the investment.

If you love Vista, I would like to know why!

Please clue me in,,


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