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Make Money Online – Web Hosting

Posted on 27 October 2008 by Linda Joseph

How to Know What You Need for Internet Business Website Hosting

Learn what to look for in web hosting:

  • CPanel
  • Amount of storage space
  • Bandwidth criteria
  • Critical support features
  • MySQL
  • much more…

Make Money Online – Web HostingCelebrity bloopers here

Unlimited storage and bandwidth special

Best deals for hosting:



Helping you define your GPS – roadmap to success,
PS Coming soon, all the videos you need to start your business.

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Make Money Online – Learn How to Use CPanel

Posted on 23 October 2008 by Linda Joseph

If you want to make money online, you need to know how to use your CPanel.  (If you don’t have CPanel hosting, there is a great deal going on now – Unlimited storage & bandwith.)

I have learned CPanel over the last couple of years.  I just watched a set of videos that would have saved me hours of time!

Take a look at what is covered:

If you prefer to read, go to CPanel Videos or read below.

I told you about the great deal going on at for hosting.

You can see what you will learn in this video set.

NOTE: This price is good only until October 31st.


It took me several years to learn all the content covered
in this videos!  Understanding CPanel is VITAL to control
your web pages so that you can do and sell anything you want online
with ease.

Remember the hosting deal I told you about?

It comes with CPanel.  I only recommend CPanel hosting to
my family, friends, clients and students.

You may already have CPanel web hosting

Here’s the CONDENSED VERSION of the table of contents,

(the full version is here:


1. Getting started: Overview of Video Series

2. How to use the Video Tutorials feature

3. How to create mySQL database & insert table in mysql database
into another domain using PHPMyAdmin

4. How to use Awstats and apply it to your business

5. What is Fantastico and how to use it

6. How to set up error page and a redirect

7. How to Disable your indexes with your Index System

8. What is Cronjob and when to use it

9. How to use File Manager effectively

10. Email Authentication

11.  How to Backup your websites and how to restore them.

…….and wait until you see the bonus videos!!!

Order now before the price increase!

Helping you define your Internet Business GPS – Roadmap,

PS If you don’t have hosting, go to:

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Make Money Online – You Need Web Hosting

Posted on 20 October 2008 by Linda Joseph

If you really want to make money online you need to have your own web hosting. You cannot rely on free hosting services.

When I coach newbies there are two criteria that they have to meet to even start working with me.  I insist that they have a domain name and that they are not using free hosting services.  (I do offer free hosting to my clients and customers when when they are taking one of my classes or are coaching clients.)

If you do a search for hosting you are going to be overwhelemed with the  options.  Last time I checked, there were about 500 million pages listed for the search term hosting.

I have used several services and one my favorites is  The have reliable service and you can contact them 24/7.  (24/7 live contact is a



key criteria when looking for a web hosting service.  If I have a problem, it will most likely occur at over the weekend and I need to be able to contact my hosting service then.)

The other criteria is that it must have CPanel access. has CPanel hosting.

The third criteria is the amount of disk space and bandwidth.  (NOTE: Until November 1st, HostGatorLive is running a special.  If you sign up for their baby or business plan you get UNLIMITED disk storage and bandwidth!  That is an awesome deal!)

If you don’t have hosting, go sign up for HostGatorLive hosting now and get a great deal!

Helping you define your GPS – roadmap to success,

PS I use HostGatorLive for my hosting and recommend it to family and friends.

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Make Money Online – Using RSS

Posted on 17 October 2008 by Linda Joseph

Great vidoe on RSS – but just for introduction
Simple overview

Once you know what RSS is you need to understand how to make money with RSS.

RSS is a great way to let others know about your blog by automatically sending updates.  It is a great way for others to subscribe to your content as well as place your content on their site.

I use RSS to drive traffic to my websites. I will be starting a class soon on the whole process.

Helping you define your road map (GPS) to success,

PS Check out the what we will offer… Internet Marketing GPS

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