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Make Money Online-Video How to Install GIMP

Posted on 20 December 2008 by Linda Joseph

Several of you asked for help getting started with GIMP.  I made a video showing you how to install GIMP. You will see that it isn’t difficult!


Get started now learning GIMP, develop your skills and offer your services.  If you need help, I have a set of videos that will save you tons of time!

Helping you define your Internet GPS – Your RoadMap to Success,

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How Do I Change PSD Files?

Posted on 16 December 2008 by Linda Joseph

Image by mau_ry via Flickr

Make Money Online with PLR – Changing PSD Files

When I first started out in Internet Marketing, I was gun-ho with resell rights and later PLR products.  I mastered HTML and could whip out sales letters and download pages.  But boy was I stumped when it came to PSD files.

PSD files are the layered image files made typically with Photoshop.  I didn’t want to invest in Photoshop just to edit a graphic.  I wasn’t interested in becoming a graphics designer.  All I wanted to do was make some minor changes to these graphics.

I spent several weeks searching for free programs that would open PSD files and perform basic image manipulation.  I was estatic when I found GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program.

GIMP not only could open PSD files, it al could do hundreds of other tasks.  However, there were problems with this free software.  (Back then you needed a tutorial just to download and install the software.  Don’t worry, the creators have made it much simpler in later releases.)

One of the huge hurdles was figuring out which tools to use and how to use them.  (You need to realize that opening any  other complex graphics program is going to have the same result.)

(NOTE: I would highly recommend that you watch a few video tutorials that take you through the basic tool set and how to use the key tools.  You will also need some instruction for advanced tasks.)

The first step is to download and install the software. When you open the software you will notice that there are separate panels. At first it is a distraction but later you realized how nice it is to only need to open the panels you are working in.

More later…

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Find the GPS Blueprint here:

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Make Money Online – Free Graphics Tool

Posted on 08 December 2008 by Linda Joseph


Image via Wikipedia

How to Create Web20 Graphics with
Free Graphics Software

You can earn money today if you have skills that ‘in-demand.’  There are several tasks that people are willing to pay others to do on their behalf.  These include:

  • Graphics design
  • Website creation
  • Article writing
  • Blog posts
  • Keyword research
  • Video creation
  • Audio recording
  • Blog setup

The list goes on and on.

Today I want to encourage those who are right-brained and drawn to graphics to start playing with a great graphics software that is FREE!

This is a great way to see if you have the skills to make money with graphics without investing a ton of money on expensive software.  (NOTE: If you find that you are good at graphics and like it then you will want to invest in these more expensive software programs.)

GIMP is the acronym for ‘GNU Image Manipulation Program.’  Don’t let the fact that GIMP is free lull into thinking it is a wimpy piece of software.  You can perform a variety of tasks with GIMP.  You can perform simple image manipulation as well as complex image procedures.

It can be used as a simple paint program, an expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, an image format converter, etc.

I highly recommend that you first watch some tutorials or you will be overwhelmed!

Been there, done that!

More on the features next post.

Helping you to define your Internet GPS – RoadMap to Success,

PS I have a set on videos you can watch here.

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