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How Do I Use a Blog to Drive Traffic?

Posted on 09 April 2009 by Linda Joseph

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Question from subscriber:  Would you recommend a blog for my website?

Let’s take a look at the big picture:

You have a market you are targeting with a set of keyword phrases.
Your blog is one piece of your marketing strategy. A very key piece if used correctly. (Every website we create for clients includes a WordPress blog.)

  • Post around your keyword phrases
  • Pinging is one of the great advantages of blogging since it automatically sends out a notice, “Hey, I updated my website.”
  • RSS feeds are another advantage of blogging.  Most blogging platforms provide a feed automatically for you.  (If not there are services like feedburner that will make one for you.)

Your traffic strategy should also include a few other pieces like articles, social media, social bookmarkeing, etc. (Pick a couple to start out with and begin building your traffic and honing your offer. Then expand as you generate income and can outsource.)

This is a topic that you want to understand and implement.  There is a lot more to utilizing a blog effectively than is apparent on the surface.  Learn how to do this right and you will gain tremendous benefits!


PS Learn how install a blog and make it search engine friendly (video tutorials)

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