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Make Your Own Website – Critique

Posted on 28 February 2010 by Linda Joseph

[name withheld], Great job of getting this WordPress blog up!

Here are a few thoughts/questions:

1.Objective – what are your trying to accomplish with this site?
* Do you want leads?
* Do you want students?
* Is this local or online or both?
* Is this supporting offline ads or the main ad?

2. Take your primary objective and it should be above the fold.
If you want people to take action then you need to have few distractions.

Look at squeeze pages from some of the gurus.  You have two options – sign up and find out more or leave.

Making a squeeze page is a relatively easy thing to do but most people/businesses have a hard time understanding this concept.

3. Your client’s desires/wants
Matching up what your client wants and what is best is not always easy. The more opinionated the client the more difficult it is to do what is best for them.

Back to practical application and the easiest thing for you to implement:

Above the fold:
Headline Red – with a more compelling hook
support sub-headline
Opt-in box

Your copy is down the page,,,I’m sure she must have pics of her work and her students work,,,sprinkle those throughout for color and examples of results.

PS You did a good job with title tag!

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Increase Site Traffic with 30 Day Traffic

Posted on 26 February 2010 by Linda Joseph

30 Day Traffic is Launching March 1st!

You will complete one traffic task per day for 30 days and best of all – it is free!  (SIGN UP NOW)

Watch this video to see how you will benefit from 30 Day Traffic:

Theses short daily tasks will propel your website from the Internet desert to the Internet Traffic Jam!

After you understand and practice these tactics you can spend less than 30 minutes a day performing these simple traffic tasks.

Hello! My name is Linda Joseph and I have been using a combination of SEO, social media and keyword research to increase site traffic for several years. One of the first keys I have learned is that search results is a process and not a one time event.

The second key is that optimization is a dynamic process which needs to be updated on a regular basis. What worked last year may or may not be as effective. Since I value my time, I am continually learning new techniques and twists.

Several clients and friends have asked for a course on how to drive traffic to their website and since my time is limited I decided to teach a 30 day traffic plan. I have implemented this plan in less than 30 days and have seen awesome results. For the sake of busy schedules I wanted to teach a plan that could be easily implemented in less than an hour a day.

This version of the 30 day plan is designed for those individuals who do not have a website. (We will cover keywords, blogs and tracking the first three days.) If you have a website, please follow Day 1 carefully and then pick up on Day 4.

If you have not listened to the free audio on SEO and traffic, please listen to it now and take notes. This content is invaluable and a great foundation for what we are going to be doing. In the audio you will hear about a 24 hour traffic plan. Yes, you can implement that right away if you are experienced.

You can sign up at

Get ready to start driving visitors to your website!


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How to Drive Traffic Using Video

Posted on 16 February 2010 by Linda Joseph

Video is one of the secret weapons I use to drive traffic for myself and for clients.

Andy has been giving away great advice on making and using video to build your business. If you haven’t watched them, you need to go watch them now!

Here are some of my notes from Video 3:


What story can you help them tell
Once they own the stuff you sell?

Story/Images/Music – are all key to process

  1. Distribute to free video hosting sites
  2. Promote video

Helping you define your roadmap to success,


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Awesome Free Traffic Videos

Posted on 15 February 2010 by Linda Joseph

The free line continues to be expanded.  If you haven’t watched the free videos from Andy Jenkins then you are missing out on some great free training!

Go Watch Now!

Here are some of my notes from Video 2:video-littleboss2

Make a Video that closes the sale!

  1. Write a FAB script (Feature/Advantage/Benefit)
    Why the product will help them
  2. Turn Script into a Presentation
    Can use PowerPoint or similar
  3. Use relevant images/pics/photos
  4. Use transitions to keep them engaged
  5. Tell a story

Watch now and take notes.

Helping you define your road map to business success,

Internet Tutor

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