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How I Make Money Online – I do this!

Posted on 23 April 2010 by Linda Joseph

Make Money Online


  • Research
  • Create video
  • Free Report
  • Submit video
  • Screen Capture Results
  • Shoot Pitch Page
  • Create Sales Page
  • Send Email
  • Collect Check

Watch the Whole Video Now!

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The Biggest Growing Internet Opportunity…

Posted on 15 April 2010 by Linda Joseph

You have probably seen companies that are starting to put a
lot of focus on making money from LOCAL businesses.opportunity1

The Internet focus is quickly changing…

Apple is developing “location based” ads
for their iPhone platform.

Google is doing the same with its Android
mobile operating system.

You’re going to see it happening with
Twitter and Facebook, and many other

Ways to…

A) Target prospects searching for products
and services offered by a local business.

B) Find all the opportunities to make money
from this booming “Local Marketing” revolution
that’s about to begin.

BILLIONS of dollars are generated by local
businesses and those people need new
customers too!

Keep your eyes out for this major trend as
you might find some great ways to “cash in”
on it yourself.

Here’s one interesting opportunity that’s
already moving to take advantage of it:

If I wasn’t making money doing this right now I
wouldn’t bring this to your attention.

PS If nothing else, get access to the videos
to get a free education on using what you already
know to make money.

Disclaimer: this post contains
affiliate links that compensate our company
should you make a purchase.

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