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YouTube Custom Player

Posted on 28 June 2010 by Linda Joseph

it is rather simple to use the single custom player that YouTube offers. 

You simply:

  • Find a video you want to embed
  • Click the 'embed' video button under the video (after the description box)
  • Select the color and size
  • Copy the code and pages it on your website or blog.

This is a fairly simple and straightforward process.

The other day I saw a YouTube custom multi video player.  After a little research I was able to set it up.

Let me know what you think…



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PS Check out my new Facebook Fan Page.

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facebook fan page


How to Make Money with Facebook Fan Pages

Posted on 27 June 2010 by Linda Joseph

Facebook Fan Pages have been around for awhile.  I have seen different implementations of Fan Pages – some fairly poor while others are customized and rather stunning.make money with facebook fan pages

I have just started adding Fan Pages for my business as well as for my clients. 

Here are the reasons why I recommend you should have a Fan Page on Facebook:

  1. Branding
    Whether you are a celebrity  or a small business owner, Facebook Fan Pages are a great FREE way to brand yourself. 

    You can promote your USP – Unique Selling Proposition.  Why should buyer come to you first?
    You can promote your latest album – a Fan Page on your new album release draws in targeted buyers
    You can promote you new movie release
    You can promote your passion

    Get the picture?  You can promote anything you want to get an audience for.

  2. SEO
    I have been teaching SEO for a couple of years.  It is a great way to get found in the search engines.

    Facebook is the largest social network on the Internet and is indexed regularly by the search engines. Your fan pages include links which point back to your website.  If you do this well, you can have several links back to your business.

  3. Free
    Facebook is free to join and you can set up pages for free!  (Yes, you can pay to have someone give your fan pages a professional face lift but it isn't critical when you start out. If Facebook becomes a good source of traffic for your business then I would make the investment.)
  4. Fans
    Facebook allows you generate a list of 'fans.'  These are people/businesses/organizations that like what you are doing or offering.

    Better yet, you can send "updates"  to your fan list anytime you want. 

    Have a new product or service? Send an update to your fans.

    Want help on some of the features of your new service?  Ask your fans.

    Want to give a deal to your fans?  Send a coupon.

  5. News
    Not only can you send updates, you also have the 'news' feature.  Whenever someone joins your fan page, it it published in their News feed for all their friends to see.

    This is an excellent way to attract targeted visitors and build credibility.


How to make money with Fan Pages?

  • Create a Fan Page for your product or service.
  • Build credibility and trust
  • Offer products and services that will enable your fans to succeed.


How to create a fan page?

  • Login in to your Facebook account
  • Go to
  • Create either an Official page or a community page
  • Add information, links and photos to help acquaint others with your business

    make money with facebook fan pages

How do I build credibility and trust?

Credibility and trust take time.  If you provide good content you show that you know the market.  If you are able to show results it shows competence.

Answer questions, be engaging and helpful!

How do I offer my products and services?

Offer free content and helpful information.  Your fans should consider this awesome content.
Continue to offer relevant information and sprinkle in products or services that will help them save time or money.

Here is the fan page we just created for My Internet Tutor:

If you want help with your fan page, these set of videos were a tremendous help.

If you would like a really classy site, these guys do a great job:

BuHelping You Define Your RoadMap to Success,



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Setting Up a Membership Site on WordPress

Posted on 18 June 2010 by Linda Joseph

I have been using WordPress for several years and it has been an awesome way to develop search engine magnets in just minutes!

It has been on my mind to create a simple membership area for all the training I have developed over the years. I know Wishlist is very popular but I wanted a simple and less expensive solution.   The plugin isn't working with WordPress  3.0 so I will give them a few weeks to update and then review.

[private]This is where I will put the private data[/private]

You have to be a member to see who I am trying or wait until I complete this test…


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