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Should Your Business Have a Facebook Fan Page?

Posted on 22 February 2011 by Linda Joseph

Should Your Business Have a Facebook Fan Page?

Author: Linda Joseph

Using social media for business can be a bit tricky. You need to develop an integrated marketing strategy that pulls in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and much more.

In this article we are going to explore the benefits of setting up a fan page on Facebook.

You probably already have a profile page and have made a few wall posts but most likely feel uncomfortable promoting your business on your profile.

That is why you need a Fan Page for your business!

Here are five reasons why I recommend you should have a Fan Page for your business on Facebook:


  1. Branding
  2. SEO
  3. Free
  4. Fans
  5. News


1. Branding

Whether you are a celebrity or a small business owner, Facebook Fan Pages are a great FREE way to brand yourself.

You can promote your USP – Unique Selling Proposition. Why should buyer come to you first?
You can promote your latest album – a Fan Page on your new album release draws in targeted buyers
You can promote you new movie release
You can promote your passion

Get the picture? You can promote anything you want to get an audience for.

2. SEO
I have been teaching SEO for a couple of years. It is a great way to get found in the search engines.

Facebook is the largest social network on the Internet and is indexed regularly by the search engines. Your fan pages include links which point back to your website. If you do this well, you can have several links back to your business.

3. Free
Facebook is free to join and you can set up pages for free! (Yes, you can pay to have someone give your fan pages a professional face lift but it isn’t critical when you start out. If Facebook becomes a good source of traffic for your business then I would make the investment.)

4. Fans
Facebook allows you generate a list of ‘fans.’ These are people/businesses/organizations that like what you are doing or offering.

Better yet, you can send “updates” to your fan list anytime you want.

Have a new product or service? Send an update to your fans.

Want help on some of the features of your new service? Ask your fans.

Want to give a deal to your fans? Send a coupon.

5. News
Not only can you send updates, you also have the ‘news’ feature. Whenever someone joins your fan page, it it published in their News feed for all their friends to see.

This is an excellent way to attract targeted visitors and build credibility.

How to make money with Fan Pages?

* Create a Fan Page for your product or service.
* Build credibility and trust
* Offer products and services that will enable your fans to succeed.

How to create a fan page?

* Login in to your Facebook account
* Go to
* Create either an Official page or a community page
* Add information, links and photos to help acquaint others with your business

make money with facebook fan pages

How do I build credibility and trust?

Credibility and trust take time. If you provide good content you show that you know the market. If you are able to show results it shows competence.

Answer questions, be engaging and helpful!

How do I offer my products and services?

Offer free content and helpful information. Your fans should consider this awesome content.
Continue to offer relevant information and sprinkle in products or services that will help them save time or money.

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About the Author

For a free video on getting started with a Facebook Fan Page, go to:

Linda Joseph,Online Internet Marketing Consultant

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10 #Google Toys You Probably Aren’t Playing With

Posted on 21 February 2011 by Linda Joseph

10 #Google Toys You Probably Aren’t Playing With

Google’s always coming out with new fangled gizmos. I’m amazed at how many I find during routine research.

There are probably a few on this list that you  know,  and a couple you’ve heard of but may not know much about.

Today, I’m gonna do a brief summary, then I’ll do some videos on the more complex ones in coming days.

1- Google News Timeline (help page)

Google News Timeline can help you examine the growth of a story, track mentions of your company in the press over time, or see what’s hot in different times of publications. it can even give you a link if you want to follow the progress of say, the Kenneth Cole tweet disaster. (Did you know it made USA Today?)

2- Google Follow Finder

Not yet a Google Labs graduate. Plug in your name and see who Google thinks you should follow after digging into your social graph. I like to use it to find more people who are like my favorite Twitter friends.

3- Google Reader Sharing

If you have Google Buzz turned on, you’ll notice when you next log in to Google Reader that there’s a section for “People You Follow”. You can share links – or random thoughts, with all the people who are following you, or a select group, and they can share with you.

Those links also show up on your Google Buzz page. I enjoy getting suggestions from people who know and understand me, and what kind of news I like or need. I also like being able to split my audience into targeted groups of people so I can send them updates just on things they would want to know, instead of the whole firehose.

Accessing Google profiles from within Google Reader has helped me get to know a lot of people better as well.

4- Google Calendar Labs

Go to your Google Calendar, then go to settings, then click on Labs. You’ll get a bunch of neat beta features you can use to enhance your Google calendar. Some help you interact with other people’s shared calendars to figure out things like when you’re both free, or  when to reschedule a meeting. Others just make your calendar prettier or more useful.

5- Gmail Labs

There are a lot of great extras in GMail, my favorite being canned responses, which are editable pre-filled emails you can save for later repeated use. If you constantly get the same question and it has a similar response that is too long for an FAQ page, this feature can save you hours of time.

There are tons of time saving additions here that reduce common actions to a few mouse strokes. Another one I love brings Google Docs into GMail. Ever cut and paste a message into Google Docs for safe keeping? Now you can do it with one click.

6- Your Google Social Circle and Social Content

Lots of people are dismissive of Google’s Social Search. This was  understandabe when since the searches that turned up social results were still at the bottom of the screen, and not featured in the sidebar. This is no longer the case, as stated in a recent update to Google Social Search.

But as I predicted last year, Google has integrated Social Search results into the main results, and is likely making Tweets and other social signal data part of their algorithm, starting with Real Time Search.

But there’s a lot you can learn just from the Social Circle Google has discovered for you from how you fill out your Google Profile.

For example, if you’re connected to someone on Twitter, and you can’t figure out which LinkedIn profile belongs to them due to a common name, Google Social Circle can help with that.

Each person/entity is grouped with the social links that they’ve decided to make public on their Google Profile. True, you can also find this by searching the Google Profile directory, but if you’re looking for several people at a time, this is a heaven sent time saver.

You can also spot trends of what sites you’re not on that are becoming hot, or figure out which service your friend is using that has the least noise, and thus, the highest chance of contact. The secondary connections section will also help you find new people to connect to in your favorite social media site.

7- Google Map Maker

Getting Started Guide

I stumbled across this when I found out that my favorite nearby local park was not identified on Google Maps. From the “help page“,

Google Map Maker allows you to create a map by adding or editing features such as roads, businesses, parks, schools and more.

8- Add Google Maps to Your Site

You can add directions to your site, maps to points of interest nearby, or even plot many locations on a map.

9 – Google Insights for Search

Is your business seasonal? Does your favorite search term reflect this? Has the term  you targeted peaked? Are there other related terms you could attain rising in popularity? You can use Google Insights for Search to research all these things.

10 –  Google Trends for Websites
(Defaults to a Wikipedia search.)

This is useful to help find sites in the same family. It’s different from getting similar sites – one of the charts you’ll see is a list of sites that people who visit the site in question also visit.

You can also compare the popularity of two sites.

I’ll start putting up videos soon to help you get a better idea of how you can use these sites to help your business.

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Adding Unique Content

Posted on 07 February 2011 by Linda Joseph

You always want to be adding content to your website or blog.  If you are using social media for traffic, you need content for it as well.

There are many topics that I write about without a lot of effort but I like have a tool that is easy to  use and provides great results.  The best software I have tried so far is Instant Article Writer.

Instant Article Wizard is a desktop tool that lets you enter a set of keywords to research.  It then goes out to the web and collects research relating to those keywords that you can use in articles on that subject.

It makes it so easy to research topics and write articles that you can often write new articles from scratch in minutes — even if you know nothing about the subject when you start!

This is a great video showing some of the features:

If you want to go to find out more, go to Instant Article.

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