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Inexpensive Websites: Lead Capture, Squeeze Page or Landing Page

Posted on 28 October 2011 by Linda Joseph

Free Marketing 101

Part 2 of “Free Marketing: 101 Low and No Cost Ways to Grow Your Business” by Jim Cockrum, covers what type of website you might need.

In my last post I covered the key factors you need to consider when you build a website. On page 35 of “Free Marketing“, Jim talks about lead capture pages.

I’m sure you have all heard about squeeze pages or landing pages or lead capture pages.  Since Jim is a huge fan of email marketing it is not surprising to have him cover this topic at the beginning of his new book.

Here is the idea:  A squeeze page is a simple page where you ask for the visitors name and email in exchange for something. Many of you gave me your name and email in exchange for my free book: “Seven Easy Steps to HTML Success.”

Here is a screen shot of that squeeze page:

I have generated a list of thousands by giving away this free ebook.  The book has a lot of value.  It is over 100 pages with screen shots. It is a lot of value to anyone who wants to learn a little HTML or wants to learn to design websites.

Here is the criteria that Jim gives for a good squeeze page:

  • Short and sweet domain name – here I have
  • Website sites above the fold – meaning that the viewer does not have to scroll down to see the whole page.  (When you go to, 90% of the page is above the fold. There are a couple of bullet points below.)
  • Give away something of value – in this instance I give away a 100 page ebook that has quality content
  • Benefits – there are 7 bullet points on what you will learn with this book.  (I need to improve on this and make these benefits. I was going after keywords.)
  • Relevant information – Jim says to make sure that you tell them you are going to sending them relevant information.  (I need to add that to this page as well!)
Looks like I have a bit of homework to do on my squeeze page!
You really need an automated system for following up with your leads.  Jim will cover this in another chapter. (Jim and I both use aWeber.)

Here is a free video from Jim setting up a squeeze page:

Leave comments or questions below.

PS If you haven’t picked up “Free Marketing: 101 Low and No Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online and Offline”, get it today!  Click here:Free Marketing 101

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Inexpensive Websites You Might Need

Posted on 22 October 2011 by Linda Joseph

Free Marketing 101

Part 2 of “Free Marketing: 101 Low and No Cost Ways to Grow Your Business” by Jim Cockrum, covers what type of website you might need.

His insight is consistent with what I have seen over the past five years. I have often told students that 99% of websites are nothing more that billboards in the desert.

When you build a website you need to consider several factors:

  • What is the purpose of the website?  (Jim asks ‘who is the site targeted at?’)
  • What problem are you trying to solver? (Jim asks ‘What content do visitors want on the site?’)
  • Where is you target market? (Jim asks where the leads are and how will you reach them.)
  • Additional questions Jim asks,, which are excellent questions…
  • Why is the site necessary?
  • Who is demanding that this site be built?
  • How will it grow your business?
To read more you need to get Jim new book!

If you have been thinking about hosting your own website, Blue Host has a great deal for a few more days.  (I use both Blue Host and Host Gator. They have good service and affordable prices.)

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Free Marketing 101 Standing Out Online SEO

Posted on 17 October 2011 by Linda Joseph

Free Marketing 101

Standing Out Online – SEO  (Part 2)

Note: To read Part 1, Standing Out Online, Free Marketing 101 Keywords, click the link.

Goal: Search Engine Optimize your website or blog

Adding just a couple of tags can make a difference.

Search engines may their money with advertising.  Therefore the goal of the search engines is to provide relevant results.

If you find what you are looking for, you will keep using their search engine.

I am sure you have heard the term SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
It is not as scary as you may think.

You have researched your keywords and now you want your website to be relevant to these keywords.

The primary SEO elements are:

  • Title tag
  • Meta Description Tag
  • Meta Keyword Tag
  1. Title Tag
    Open your browser (IE or Firefox or Chrome or any browser) and go to any website.
    Look in the upper left of the browser. Do you see some text?
    For example: Go to
    In the upper left you see: Bible Memory System – Scripture Memory – Children & Adult
    This is from the title tag.
  2. Now, if you are using WordPress, just install AllInOneSEO plugin and you can set your title and both meta tags very easily.  (No need to change any code.)With Blogger, you title tag is the name of the blog.  If you named your blog using your keyword phrase you should be set with the title tag.<title>Your Title Goes Here</title>Meta Description Tag
  3. The Meta Description Tag should include a short description of your website, your main keyword phrase and it should be inviting. Go to Google and search for ‘bible memory system’At the time of this writing, our result is #1.The first line is from the title tag.
    The two line description is from the Meta Description Tag.

    As I mentioned above, it is very easy to add this tag with WordPress.

    If you are using Blogger, use the tag below with your content.  Then you will need to paste the code into the HTML template.

    <meta name=”description” content=”You description goes here” />

  4. Meta Keyword Tag
    This tag is no longer used by Google but it is used by some of the smaller search engines.  Add 1-3 keyword phrases. Insert this into your site as you did the Meta Description Tag above.<meta name=”keywords” content=”your keyword(s) go here” />

NOTE: This covers on-page SEO.  There is also a topic called Off-Page SEO which will be covered in another post.

If you want to learn more about HTML, you can pick up a free HTML book. The title and meta tags go in the header and you will learn the difference between the header and the body code.


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Free Marketing 101 Standing Out Online Keywords

Posted on 15 October 2011 by Linda Joseph

Free Marketing 101

Standing Out Online Keywords

REFERENCE: Go to Chapter 15, Keyword Marketing, in Jim’s book, “Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business“, page 60,61.

Goal: Determine your primary keyword phrase. (You may have 2-3 secondary phrases)

The number one mistake I see businesses and want-a-be marketers make is understanding the market they are going after and the keywords they should target.

My goal with any project is to get ranked in the top 20 results of Google for my primary keyword phrase. In order to meet this goal I need to know who my market is, what they are searching for and how to provide the best solution for their problem.

I am not going to tell you this part is easy. It isn’t! It takes some work and some digging to come up with the best keywords to target. But I will tell you that is you don’t do this your website traffic is ‘toast.!

How Do I Start?
Here is an overview of the process:
1. Start with broad terms and look for relevant niches
2. Iterate between finding terms with sufficient search volume and low competition

Let me give you an example:
1. Go to Google Keyword tool and type in a couple of broad phrases and do a search. The results will provide a number of related keywords.
In this example, I type in: memory verses, memorize Bible & memory verse songs; check synonym box and click ‘get Keyword ideas’
2. Look through the results to see which terms best match your target market and add these to a spreadsheet.
3. The add the search volume for each term
4. Now go to and enter each term, one at a time, to see how many search results and add those numbers to your spreadsheet.
5. Evaluate the results and pick the keywords that match you market as well as have some search volume with minimal competition.

Although I have used the free tools at Google I saw a lot of time by using different keyword tools. My favorite tool offers a free version which you will find useful at

Video on the keyword tools mentioned in Jim Cockrum’s book, “”Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business“, page 60,61.

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