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Cheap Domain Name Hosting

Posted on 30 November 2011 by Linda Joseph

Cheap Domain Name Hosting

Every business needs hosting for its domain names. There are several good hosting solutions available.

Right now I have hosting with two different companies and I am extremely happy with both services!

In the video below I show you why I like Hostgator and what to look for when choosing domain name hosting.

The other provider I use is Blue Host.  Check them out here.



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Domain Name Web Hosting – Coupons

Posted on 28 November 2011 by Linda Joseph

Domain Name Web Hosting – Coupons

If you are wanting to start on online business, you need your own hosting!

I get more questions on web hosting.  People are hesitant to decide on where to host their websites.  Most of my clients have bought 2-4 domain names but haven’t decided on where to host those domains.

Deciding on the best hosting company for your business website is vital and having one that will cut you a break on the pricing of the plans is even better. A HostGator coupon can save you some money when you choose to go with their services – but they follow up their good deal with an even better deal – long lasting savings, excellent hosting service and customer service representatives who are not only willing to help but eager to do so.

Use this coupon at checkout: myinternet

This solid company is usually always running a special to help you get started with your hosting needs. Combining customer service, great plans for every need and discounts is one of the many reasons this hosting company quickly became a forerunner on the Internet in provider services.

You can find coupons by looking for codes that give you a savings for the plan you want based on whether you buy plans by the month or pay by the year. With some of the coupons you’ll find, you can get one of HostGator’s plans (they call it the Baby Plan) and get started with your first hosting cost of only one penny.

That’s a great way for new businesses to get started with a great hosting company at a price that can’t be beat. Some of the coupons offered will be seasonal and geared toward specific months of the year.

Even with all of the great money off savings you’ll be given to get started with the company, they’ll still offer you free transfers from your current hosting company – they’ll get all of those files and data moved and you’ll be set up in the blink of an eye.

When you get started with HostGator (or add additional services if you’re already a customer), the best coupon for you will show up as soon as you fill in your billing. There’s one that offers 20% off and the discount applies for all months of service.

However, if you’re one of their dedicated customers, because of the way your billing runs, you’ll only get one month of the discount. By using the HostGator coupon internettutor25, those wanting to try the company out can save almost $10.

If you use that code for the Baby Plan, you’ll pay a penny. The business believes in their company so much that if, six weeks after using their hosting, you’re not happy with it, they’ll even give you back your penny! Remember that if you’re an affiliate marketer and send your referrals to HostGator, they get great hosting and you have the chance to earn money off of your recommendations.



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Black Friday Sale – 50% Off Web Hosting!

Posted on 25 November 2011 by Linda Joseph

Black Friday Sale

I know this is a little late but I have been having too much fun with my family to think about work!

I remembered on my way home from shopping that I wanted to get another hosting account and know my favorite hosting company was having a ‘Black Friday’ sale.

If you want a website, you need web hosting. It’s as simple as that. Whether you’re starting your first site, or expanding your online empire… today is the perfect day to sign up for hosting because you can save 50% on your web hosting fees.

Get the details here… (24 hours only – Black Friday sale!) –

Over the past several years, I have referred many family members, friends, customers and student to Hostgator.

Hostgator have impressed me with their low prices and good customer service. Today they are having a “Black Friday” sale, in which you can get your web hosting for half price. You can even choose to pay for a couple years in advance, and lock in the savings! That means you could get your web hosting as low as $2.48 a month, or a Reseller Account as low as $12.48 a month. Bottom line is, if you need web hosting this is a great time to get it: Check out the Black Friday sale here.

Have a great day!


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What are Trackbacks?

Posted on 21 November 2011 by Linda Joseph

What are Trackbacks and Should I Use Them?

I was recently asked by a client how to use an article that was published about them in a local newspaper.  Any positive piece of information written about you or your business you should use to build credibility about you and your business.

This particular client has a lot of articles. Most of the articles were written by the client but there are a number of articles written by outside sources. Here is how I recommend that you capitalize on these articles.

  1. Internal linking juice: Add the article to your article page and then write a post on the article linking to the article page.If you are using keywords, then I would create a keyword rich hyper-text link.

    EXAMPLE: Learn how to set up your blog and make money with my Internet Tutor video series.

    The above link has my keywords: Internet Tutor, and it links to another page on my site.

    internet tutor linking strategy

  2. Trackbacks
    The purpose of a trackback is to let another site know that you are referencing them on your site.

    I would write some content related to the article, add a snippet from the article and add a closing paragraph.

    NOTE: Some marketers have turned this into a complete system for building credibility and traffic and refer to it as “curration.”

    Add the link to the original article in the box below the posting box.
    what is a trackback

  3. External Linking
    There are a variety of opinions on external linking.  Many marketers recommend against external linking because the reader leaves your website and is sent to another site.

    The other issue is loss of page rank. I won’t go into this but the idea is that I lose page rank to other sites when I link to them.  My practice is that if the article has good content that will benefit your readers, then share with them.

  4. Posting Pings
    The last reason that you want to post about the article is to ‘ping’ the system.

    Every blog post sends out a ‘ping’ telling the world that you have updated your blog. If readers are following you via your RSS feed, their feed will be updated and they will see your latest post.

    If you have aweber tied into your your blog RSS, your list will be notified of your update.

    Most importantly, the ‘ping’ will bring back the search engines robots who will crawl your new content and add it to their list of content for your website.

Please post your comments and questions below!


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