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How to Turn Customers into Subscribers

Posted on 16 December 2011 by Linda Joseph

Your most valuable asset is your list.  I have heard countless times from the most respected Internet marketers is that if they lost their business, the first thing they would do is start building a list.

(If you don’t know anything about list building then bookmark this blog and come back for updates.)

This post is about the new feature that aWeber is providing: integration with PayPal!  This is an awesome feature!

Here is how this works:

  1. A customer clicks your buy now PayPal button
  2. They purchase the product/service through PayPal
  3. They are automatically added to your aWeber list of choice!

Here is the graphic aWeber provides showing how this process works:

This is really awesome!  If you aren’t excited about this then you don’t understand the power of list building AND you don’t appreciate the power of a BUYER list!  (You better bookmark this and come back for updates!!!)

Here is why I get excited:

  • Buyers are people who take action – I want to work with buyers!
  • I can help my buyers consume my products
  • I can followup easily with buyers to make sure they have access to the product
  • I can recommend complementary products that will help them grow their business.
  • I can add buyers of different products to different lists

I’m not not going to explain today how this works but it is easy to setup.

PS If you don’t have aWeber, take it for a test drive today! Just fill in the form below.

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How to Make Money on eBay (part 3)

Posted on 15 December 2011 by Linda Joseph

A Beginner’s Help guide to the various eBay Auction Types.

Through the years, eBay features a variety of different auction types, in order to give people more options once they purchase and sell their things on eBay.

For each seller who does not like the thought their item might cost a cheaper cost compared to what they intend, there’s another who would like to change 100s of the identical item rapidly. eBay attempts to focus on all tastes. This email provides you with an introduction to the different types of auctions as well as their advantages of you.

Normal Auctions.

Fundamental essentials bread-and-butter of eBay, the auctions everybody knows: purchasers bid, others outbid them, they bid again, and also the champion will get the product. Simple.

Reserve Auctions.

Reserve auctions are for retailers that do not want their products to market for under a particular cost – an idea you know about if you are acquainted with real auctions. They work much like normal auctions on eBay, with the exception that the customer is going to be told if their bid doesn’t satisfy the reserve cost you place, and they’re going to have to bid again when they want the product. If no-the first is prepared to meet your cost, then your auction is cancelled, and also you keep your item.

Fixed Cost (‘Buy it Now’) Auctions.

Purchase it Now auctions can be employed in 1 of 2 ways. You can include a Purchase it Now button to some normal auction, and therefore purchasers can pick with the idea to bid normally in order to simply spend the money for selling price and steer clear of the entire putting in a bid process. Some retailers, though, now eliminate the auction process altogether and just list almost all their products at fixed cost. This allows you avoid all of the complications from the auction format and just list your products based on how much you would like them to market for.

Lately, eBay added a twist to fixed cost auctions: the ‘best offer’. Which means that purchasers can contact you to definitely negotiate a cost, that could be a great way to get sell additional stock in a small discount. The only real disadvantage to reserve and glued cost auctions is you pay a little extra fee to make use of these formats. Generally, it’s more worth using reserve auctions for greater-listed products and glued cost auctions for lower-listed ones – but don’t forget that you could mix the 2 formats.

Multiple Item (‘Dutch’) Auctions.

They are auctions where one can sell several of the certain item. Nederlander auctions can be achieved by putting in a bid. Purchasers bid a cost and say the number of products they need, after which everybody pays the cheapest cost which was bid by among the winning bidders. For those who have trouble having your mind around that, then don’t be concerned – everybody else does too! These auctions are extremely rare

Furthermore common happens when selling real estate provides extensive one item, and lists it using a mix of two auction types: a multiple-item fixed cost auction. This means that you could just say the number of from the item you they’ve, and provide them in a fixed cost per unit. Purchasers can enter the number of they need after which simply click Purchase it Now to obtain them.

Now you know of the various kinds of auctions, you need to make certain the products you intend to market don’t violate eBay’s listing guidelines.


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How to Make Money on eBay (part 2)

Posted on 11 December 2011 by Linda Joseph

What you ought to Know Before Getting Started on eBay.

So you have made the decision that you would like to obtain began like a seller on eBay. You will find a couple of stuff that you will need to know prior to going and throw yourself in in the deep finish.

Things to Sell.

To begin with, you should know what it’s you are likely to sell: what’s your specialty? You’ll do much better on eBay should you become a great resource for several type of items, as those who are thinking about individuals items will return for you over and over. You will not have any loyalty or real status should you just sell rubbish randomly.

Whenever you consider things to sell, you will find a couple of points to consider. The most crucial could well be to continually sell that which you know. By trying to market something you just have no idea anything about then you will never write a great description then sell it for any good cost.

You may think you are not especially thinking about anything, but when you consider what type of stuff you usually buy and which websites put forth most frequently, I am sure you’ll uncover some type of interest. If everything else fails bring it up for your buddies and family: they’ll probably say “Oh, well why not sell…”, and you will slap your temple.

From the stuff you know enough about, next consider which stuff you could really get for a reasonable cost to re-sell, and just how appropriate they’d be for posting. If you’re able to think about something of this you are experienced in and it is small , light enough for postage to become relatively cheap, then that’s great!

Don’t be concerned if you feel the one thing you are selling is simply too obscure – it is not. There is a marketplace for almost anything on eBay, even stuff that wouldn’t sell once each year should you filled these questions shop. You’ll most likely do better still should you fill a distinct segment than let’s say you sell something common.

Tax and Legal Matters.

Should you earn enough money, you should know that you are going to need to start having to pay tax – this will not be accomplished for you. If you choose to sell on eBay on the full-time basis, you need to most likely register like a business.

Get Ready.

You will find likely to be good and the bad whenever you sell on eBay. Don’t pack it in if something goes just a little wrong inside your first couple of sales: the retailers who’re effective on eBay are the type who appreciate it, and stick in internet marketing no matter what.

Anybody sell on eBay, when they have confidence in themselves – and when you need to do decide it isn’t for you personally, then your start-up pricing is so low that you simply will not genuinely have lost anything.

Use this information if you want to start selling on eBay but I don’t use eBay as much as I use Amazon. For most of my items (books, CDs, DVDS, games) I do much better on Amazon using their FBA program. (If you want to learn more about FBA, use Jim Cockrum’s proven Amazon Course. I have it and it is great!)

Other items do well on eBay so you may want to give it a try.

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how to make money on ebay

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How to Make Money on Ebay

Posted on 08 December 2011 by Linda Joseph

Have you ever read articles about eBay, you’ll have seen the sorts of earnings people make – it is not unusual to listen to of individuals making 1000’s of dollars monthly on to make money on ebay

The next time you are on eBay, have a look at the number of PowerSellers you will find: you will find a number of. Now take into account that every one of one of these should be making a minimum of $1,000 monthly, as that’s eBay’s requirement of being a PowerSeller. Silver PowerSellers make a minimum of $3,000 every month, while Gold PowerSellers make a lot more than $10,000, and also the Platinum level is $25,000. The very best ranking is Titanium PowerSeller, and also to help you qualify must make a minimum of $150,000 in sales each month!

The truth that these folks exist provides you with come concept of the earnings options here. Many of them never set to even setup a company on eBay – they just began selling a couple of things, after which stored going. You will find lots of people whose full-time job is selling things on eBay, and a number of them happen to be doing the work for a long time now. Are you able to suppose? Once they have bought the stock, anything else is virtually pure profit of these people – they don’t have to purchase any company premises, staff, or other things. You will find multi-million pound companies making less in actual profit than eBay PowerSellers do.

Even when you won’t want to quit your work and extremely go for this, you are able to still use eBay to create a significant second earnings. You are able to clean up orders throughout a few days and drive them lower towards the publish office for delivery each Saturday. You will find couple of other activities you may be doing together with your free time which have anywhere near that type of generating potential.

In addition, eBay does not care what you are, where you reside, or that which you seem like: some PowerSellers are extremely old, or very youthful. Some live in the center of nowhere where selling on eBay is among the couple of options to farming or just being inadequate. eBay tears lower the obstacles to generating the real life constantly puts up. There is no meeting with no commuting involved – if you’re able to publish things, it can be done.

Place it by doing this: knowing where you’ll get something reasonably inexpensively you could sell, you’ll be able to market it on eBay – and also, since you could get discount rates for bulk at wholesale, that isn’t exactly difficult. Purchase a job large amount of something in-demand inexpensively, market it on eBay, and you are earning money already, without any set-up costs.

If you wish to dip your foot within the water prior to committing to really purchasing anything, you’ll be able to just sell things that you have laying around in the home. Sort through that cupboard of items you never use, and you will most likely find there is a couple of hundred dollars’ price of stuff laying around inside! This is actually the energy of eBay: there’s always somebody that wants what you are selling, whatever it may be, and also, since they have come searching for you, you do not even have to do almost anything to encourage them to purchase it.

I personally use Amazon FBA more than ebay now but we are finding that certain markets work well on eBay.  If you have books to sell, use Amazon.  If you sell wreaths, try eBay. (Nancy teaches you how to sell wreaths and floral designs on eBay and other online sources.)

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