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Building a List – aWeber Optin Process

Posted on 25 April 2012 by Linda Joseph

Autoresponders – Understanding aWeber’s Opt-in Process

If you are serious about building a business then you need to be using an autoresponder to build a list.  AWeber is the autoresponder I use and recommend to my clients.

[NOTE: If you don’t understand what an autoresponder is or need more information about autoresponder basics, please make a comment below.]

Here is an overview of the aWeber Opt-in Process

aweber optin process overview



There are many ways to optin in to a list. Typically you build your list by putting an opt-in box on your website.  You can also add an opt-in box on your Facebook page.

Another way to add to your list is via email or QR code.

See an example of an opt-in box on a website below.

NOTE: Offer your visitor something of value in exchange for their name and email.


If you are using aWeber and are requiring ‘confirmed’ opt-in then aWeber  provides a default page that reminds the user to check their email for a confirmation link.

This page pops up automatically after the visitor has entered their information and clicked ‘submit’.
NOTE: The submit button could say a number of different things. The example below shows a button that says ‘Send me the instructions.’

3.   ‘CLICK CONFIRM LINK’  EMAILaweber autoresponder process

An email is automatically sent to the visitor’s email when they click ‘submit.’ This email has a confirmation link that must be clicked in order to get on the list and receive the free offer.


Once the confirmation link is clicked, the subscriber can be sent to a custom web page. In the case below, the subscriber is sent to custom web page with the download link for the free offer.


The subscriber is automatically sent an email that also has a download link with the free offer.

A pdf version of this process as well as specific examples will be available in the member area.

Learn how to turn customers into subscribers using aWeber here.

Please ask questions below.

Helping you define your roadmap to business success,

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Learn WordPress SEO

Posted on 20 April 2012 by Linda Joseph

Learn WordPress SEO with a free WordPress SEO plugin

I have been using good content that is search engine optimized for several years.  I have countless pages on the first page of Google search results from using these techniques.

Over the years we have adjusted some of our techniques as the priorities of the search engines change. To stay on top SEO trends I follow the experts and buy the best tools available.

I also help my clients learn WordPress SEO to enable them to get to the top of search engines for their key terms.  Here are the three fundamental practices:

  1. Know you keywords
  2. Provide great content
  3. Search engine optimize that content

Keywords are a bit tricky. Most clients think they know their keywords but haven’t done extensive research.  It is important to know what your ideal client is searching for and then find the best keywords that match what that as well as have the most search volume and least amount of competition.  (It is best to outsource this process to an expert.)

Content is not a problem since most business owners know their business and are passionate about their products or service. Most can talk non-stop for hours.  It is merely a matter of getting that content in text and audio and video form to distribute on the Internet.

Search engine optimizing the content isn’t difficult, you simply need to know the steps.  Since 95% of the websites I create for small businesses are built on the WordPress platform, it is easy for clients to add their own content.  I used to give clients a checklist for optimizing their content but now recommend learning WordPress SEO with a simple plugin.

Click here to get a lite version of this plugin for free: learn WordPress SEO Plugin

Here is the status of the SEO on this WordPress post:Learn WordPress SEO with this Free Plugin
See how easily I can glance at this post and see what I need to fix to search engine optimize this content!

(NOTE: There are hints under every section on what you need to do to fix this post.)

I am not trying to trick the search engines or do something ‘black hat.’ I simply want to make sure that the search engines see that I have relevant content for my keywords.

I just added a Meta description using the AllinOne SEO plugin.

I have a video on how to use this plugin and will link to the post here:  Learn WordPress SEO video.   (That would be an internal link.)

My outbound link will be to another website. Check out Pushbutton SEO now!  (Just try the free version. There is a Pro version but you you do all this SEO stuff for free!)

Helping you define your roadmap to success,

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WordPress SEO Plugin – Free Lite Version

Posted on 17 April 2012 by Linda Joseph

Have you tried this free WordPress SEO plugin?

I have been doing SEO for many years and have tried several plugins.  One of WordPress SEO plugins that is on every WordPress site I create is AllinOne SEO plugin! It is one of the best plugins for optimizing posts and pages.

(BTW, I have created hundreds of WordPress sites over the last couple of years.)

I have looked at several WordPress SEO plugins that analyze the page or post for optimization but never purchased one since I knew what I needed to do.  However, I have had several clients that have asked for help and so I started researching to see which one was good and also easy to use.WordPress SEO Plugin

Here is what I like about this WordPress SEO plugin: Pushbutton SEO

1. There is a ‘lite’ version which meets your SEO needs and is easy to use.

2. The SEO plugin makes it easy for a novice to make their post of page SEO optimized!

3. Get simple pass/fail scores for 7 key SEO ranking factors for each post or page as well as recommended fixes!

Download the ‘lite’ version of this great WordPress SEO plugin now!

[Full disclosure: you will have the opportunity to upgrade to the full version which has a lot of cool features. If you do, I will be compensated for introducing you to this product. BUT it is fully functional for SEO as is.]
Watch how I use this WordPress SEO plugin:


Remember, that there are key elements for SEO:

  1. Keywords – knowing which search terms to use for your pages/posts
  2. Content – having good information that is relevant and helpful to visitors
  3. Links – to and from your content
  4. Tracking – knowing what keywords to giving the results you want

**When you sign up for the ‘lite’ version of the WordPress SEO plugin you are also getting a lot of SEO training!

Helping you define your roadmap for success,
PS There are several features with the paid version that I am finding useful and will show you in a later post.

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