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New WordPress Release – Should I Update?

Posted on 14 June 2012 by Linda Joseph

Another WordPress Update

I love WordPress!  It is a great platform for building a website!  If you haven’t used WordPress SEO PluginWordPress you need to give it a try. (Look below for some great WordPress training.)

As a WordPress user, you need to be aware of the periodic updates.  I encourage my clients to take a look at reason for the update. If there are security fixes, then you need to update your WordPress install to the latest level.

The latest update by WordPress are primarily ‘ease of use’ enhancements.  Here is what has to say about the updates:

The biggest change in 3.4 is the theme customizer which allows you to play around with various looks and settings for your current theme or one you’re thinking about switching to without publishing those changes to the whole world. For themes that support it, you can change colors, backgrounds, and of course custom image headers. We have more planned for the customizer down the road.

Throughout the rest of the admin you’ll notice tweaks to make your everyday life easier. For example, if you have lots of themes we’ve made it quicker to browse them all at once without paging. We’ve made it possible to use images from your media library to populate custom headers, and for you to choose the height and width of your header images.

We’ve expanded our embed support to include tweets: just put a Twitter permalink on its own line in the post editor and we’ll turn it into a beautiful embedded Tweet. And finally, image captions have been improved to allow HTML, like links, in them.

 NOTE: You do not need to prioritize this update!

If you have a lot of theme work to do, then do the update.  The enhancements will make it worth your time.make money online

If you have never worked with WordPress there are plenty of free tutorials online.  If you want to learn in once place by an expert, I recommend the series: Essential Training with Morten Rand-Hendriksen.   This is about 5 hours worth of training which you can get for just a buck!  Go to  WordPress training and sign up for the $1 trial. Search for this training and listen.  While you are in there you might find a few more things you would like to learn.

Here is an outline of what you will learn:

Introduction 54s
Welcome 54s
1. Getting to Know WordPress 11m 20s
Using your own asset files 37s
What is WordPress? 4m 46s
Understanding the difference between cloud hosting and self-hosting 5m 57s
2. Getting Started with 21m 32s
Setting up an account 3m 33s
Setting up a new blog or web site 5m 51s
Navigating the back end 7m 25s
The toolbar 4m 43s
3. Building a Profile 45m 33s
Editing your profile 7m 50s
Creating profile images with Gravatar 5m 46s
Modifying personal settings 11m 38s
Adjusting site settings and improving privacy and findability 11m 6s
Exploring advanced sharing options 4m 21s
Adding sharing buttons to posts and pages 4m 52s
4. Creating Posts 1h 7m
Understanding the difference between posts and pages 7m 26s
Creating a new post 6m 4s
Advanced text formatting in a new post 8m 51s
Creating and managing links 4m 43s
Adding images and other media content 9m 35s
Adding an image gallery 6m 49s
Adding images from URLs and other external sources 7m 13s
Adding categories, tags, post formats, excerpts, and other elements 7m 1s
Using built-in tools to improve posts 3m 6s
Publishing a post 6m 28s
5. Creating Pages 16m 51s
Creating a basic page 6m 22s
Organizing page hierarchy 3m 38s
Creating a contact page with a contact form 6m 51s
6. The Appearance Tab4 7m 31s
Selecting a theme 5m 30s
Using page templates 2m 22s
Using widgets 5m 50s
Adding advanced widget functions 8m 26s
Creating custom widgets using the Text Widget 3m 50s
Creating custom menus 9m 32s
Using the Custom Design feature 6m 11s
Enabling a site for mobile devices and the iPad 5m 50s
7. The Twenty Eleven (Default) Theme 25m 34s
Exploring theme options 3m 33s
Setting a custom background 6m 13s
Setting custom header images 4m 8s
Using the Showcase page template 6m 12s
Customizing the Showcase page with widgets 5m 28s
8. Managing Images, Video, and Other Media 15m 13s
Managing media from the Admin panel 9m 22s
Managing media library assets from within posts and pages 5m 51s
9. WordPress Settings 30m 25s
Changing the front page from a blog view to a static pag 4m 49s
Managing users 7m 31s
Managing comments 8m 48s
Creating options for ratings and polls 9m 17s
10. Diving Further into the World of WordPress 19m 42s
Exporting and importing in 3m 50s
Enabling the Webmaster Tools theme 8m 45s
Discussing the limits of and the benefits of self-hosting 3m 42s
Using the social features3 m 25s

 Go to  WordPress training and sign up for the $1 trial.


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