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How a WordPress Plugin Tripled Our Sales

Posted on 01 March 2013 by Linda Joseph

Will this WordPress Plugin Work for You?

First off – you need to have a product that is already selling
Are trying to launch something of great value for a small price.

My partner, Nancy Alexander, has some great products! They help those who purchase achieve their dreams.

WordPress Plugin Increase Sales

When she comes out with a new product we usually offer the product at a discount for a short time but changing the price is a manual effort that rarely was done on time.

When I had the opportunity to try a new plugin by Market Samuari, I jumped on it!  The plugin is called Scarcity Plugin.  It was very easy to setup and customize!  In no time I had a  nice countdown timer on the website.

I loved that fact that once we set it up, it was on auto-pilot!  When the special was over, the plugin automatically sent the visitor to the regular sales page.

It worked like a charm!

But here is the kicker: It TRIPLED our sales!

Every time I went to the page and saw the timer counting down, I felt this twinge of anxiety.  I better buy before the timer runs out.

I just looked at the number and we sell an average of x per day and we went to Y (3+ times) during the special.  The day that the special ended was 6 times as many sales.

Overall: it was a success…

Here is an overview of how we set it up:


AFFILIATE NOTE: I only promote what I use and have felt worth the investment! If you buy through my link I will receive compensation.

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