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Are You Making One of These Five Mistakes on Facebook?

Posted on 29 July 2013 by Linda Joseph

Unless you are really a student of Facebook and take time learning strategies, it is easy to make mistakes.
I thought this article are very good! Not only did he talk about mistakes, he showed examples of the mistake and showed examples of it done correctly.


#1 Most Common Facebook Post Mistake: Too Much Text
Facebook Posts aren’t for paragraphs. They need to be small bite-sized items that can either be digested right on the post – meaning they get the entire idea right from the one post and can easily like or share it – or will entice people to click a link to read a longer piece of content.

A good rule of thumb is to follow Twitter’s 140 character constraint. Every time you make a post limit it to that amount of characters. This will force you to condense your idea to its basic form and make it easy for your Fans to read and understand it.

Here is a recent example of this error by Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo:

Read the entire article here:

I did disaagree with the short URLs:

I am always suspicious of links. I think they are hiding something from me. I want to know where I am going. I advise using something like the ‘Pretty Link’ plugin so that you have brand awareness and the visitor knows where they are going.

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