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Amazon Seller App

Posted on 06 August 2014 by Linda Joseph

Amazon Seller App Amazon recently announced their own seller mobile app! This is great news for Amazon sellers but challenging news for the seller apps that have been around for awhile like ScanPower, ProfitBandit and the many others.

If you are new to being an Amazon seller, you may not understand how important a mobile app is for your business.  Let me clarify, if you do retail arbitrage, then a mobile app is critical.  If you sell primarily white label or private label, then it is not as critical.

Back to retail arbitrage.  Here you are buying low and selling for a profit.  Many Amazon sellers go to physical stores, scan items and decide whether they can make a profit by selling the item on Amazon. Having a mobile app can make this process a breeze.  (Note: If you know what to look for!  If this is all new to you then the best place to start is with Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course.)

So what do you want in an app for reselling on Amazon?

  • Is the item that I am scanning currently selling on Amazon?
  • What is the item selling for on Amazon?
  • How well is the item selling on Amazon?
  • Is Amazon itself selling the item?
  • How many other sellers are selling this same item?
  • How many other sellers are using FBA?
  • What profit will I make on this item?

This is the basic criteria to look at when comparing Amazon seller mobile apps. Most of the apps available will provide this data and much more.  The new Amazon app provides this and more.

Amazon mobile seller app          Amazon mobile seller app           Amazon mobile seller app         Amazon mobile seller app

Download a free PDF that provides an introduction to comparing three mobile seller apps:

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