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Multiple Streams of Income…

Posted on 28 August 2008 by Linda Joseph

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Multiple streams of income,,, it’s not too late!

Several of you missed the beta test opportunity and asked
if you could attend the webinar.

Since this was a valuable bonus created just for the fast action
takers I can’t give this away.


since I don’t want you to miss out I will make this a no-brainer!

I know you want to learn to earn…

Here is what I am going to cover in the webinar:

1.  Taking inventory of your current assets
2.  How to repurpose what you have
3.  How to use a free service to set up your physical product
4.  How to use a new software to make your own order page
5.  What type of hosting you need
6.  How to set up your hosting

Sign up now

There are going to be several bonuses and a contest for the

Why am I doing this?    I have made money using this software and
system which is easy to use (especially when you have someone to
walk you through step by step.)

Why am I charging for the webinar?  Two reasons:
o  This is a special webinar created for the beta testers who
took quick action and I want to reward their action
o  Charging a small fee sets apart the people willing to invest
in their education and are more likely to follow through.

Get in now

I really want to see you start earning some money!  I am not
talking about millions or six figures.  I want to see you earn $1,
then $10,, then $100.

This little system has a small upfront investment and can earn
you money.

Helping you define your road map to success,
PS The webinar is this Friday.  Even if you can’t attend you will
get access to the recording.

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Tweet Later – Twitter Tricks

Posted on 27 August 2008 by Linda Joseph

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I just read a free report on Twitter. It had some great content and it is FREE!

One of my readers complained the last time I offered a freebie. The complaint was that didn’t like the upsell… :o) Come’on guys,,, upsells come with the territory!

When a reputable person recommends a freebie I take a look. If the content is good and helpful I will usually buy the upsell because I know it will probably save me time and money in the long run.

Enough on upsells,,, back to the content. Here is something I learned,,, I liked receiving a ‘thank you’ when I started following someone on twitter and wanted to do the same but didn’t have time to look into the process.

I found the answer in this free ebook – use TweetLater.

For more gems, get the free Twitter ebook now!

Helping you define your road map to success,


PS Make sure you sign up for the webinar on creating another stream of imcome by turning digital trash into cash!

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ReBrandable Products – Drive Traffic

Posted on 10 August 2008 by Linda Joseph

There are tons of give aways and quite frankly they have become
a waste of my time.


There is a new give away with Willie Crawford and it is only
rebrandable products.

So, if you have a rebrandable product and want a great way to get
your product passed out by multitudes, sign up and submit your product.

Helping You Define Your Road Map to Success,
PS I’ll let you know when you can go pick up your brandable
products…. It will be soon.  Submit your product.

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Saving Money – Business Consolidation

Posted on 05 August 2008 by Linda Joseph

I am always looking for way to run my business more efficiently financially. Regularly I look at my monthly expenses to see what is paying for itself and what I should try to consolidate.

I look for various incentives to reduce costs. Over the past three years I have worked with over 4 different autoresponders and I can say, hands down, aWeber is the best. They have the best deliverability and fantastic customer service.

The other day I was reviewing my charges and noticed that they offered a yearly payment versus the monthly payment. The monthly payment was $19.95 and the yearly payment was $179.40 for the year.

I quickly got out the calculator and discovered that if I could swing the one yearly payment, I would save $60 for the year! (If you are interested, $179.40 divided by 12 is $14.95/month!)

So go sell a few more products or provide a few more services to cover the yearly cost and save $60!

Helping you define your roadmap to success,


AWeber Demo

Capture Hidden Profits with Unlimited Autoresponders

AWeber’s automated unlimited autoresponder follow up increases sales, lowers costs,
builds lasting customer relationships, and increases your

Find out how with Unlimited Autoresponders.

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