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Cool New PLR Articles with a Twist

Posted on 08 January 2010 by Linda Joseph

There is a rather limited list of emails that I open compared to the rather large list that I ignore.  James Jones is one of those gurus who delivers good quality products.  I have been a Micro Niche Finder user for many years and I love this niche keyword tool.http-www

But today I wanted to share with your his PLR Library.  Normally I don’t pay any attention to PRL offers.  (I have plenty sitting on various hard drives and not enough time to work on them all.)  What caught my attention was the the ‘twist’ Jim offered.

His PLR aticles came with software that allowed you to sort through the articles, spin the articles and easily create e-books!  As usual James offered a low introductory price that I couldn’t pass up.

In less than 30 minutes I had an ebook on the topic relevant to one of my niches!  (Later I’ll share what I did and the results I received.)

I don’t remember how long this special price will last but I’d encourage you to pick up PRL Library now!

PS Always looking for new ways to bring in another income stream…

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Three Simple Steps to Making Money

Posted on 11 August 2008 by Linda Joseph

I just watched this video and it was great!

“How To Promote In 3 Easy Steps”

And it applies whether you have your own product
or promote affiliate products.

* What does it take to create online promos that work?
* What if the formula isn’t working for you?
* What if you promote but people don’t buy?
* How do you build your list?
* The solution to information overload and overwhelm
* Why your ppc ads may not be working

Go ahead and watch…
You don’t need to sign up to watch..
Make sure you have pencil and paper to take notes!

Helping You Define Your Road Map to Success,
PS Watch the video now:

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Resale / Resell Rights Products –

Posted on 27 February 2008 by Linda Joseph

1. What are Resale Rights Products?

First of all, I want to know,,, is it resell rights or resale rights?  You tell me!

Resale rights products have been around for many years. You will find single products as well as product bundles being offered.

Basic resale rights gives you the right to sell the product and keep 100% of the profits. You do not have the right to offer resale rights to anyone else.

Also, you cannot claim the product as your own and you are not allowed to modify the product. Usually basic resale rights are fairly cheap and often you can find them for free.

Always make sure to look at the “rights” document which will tell you what you are or are not allowed to do with the product. For instance, you may be told the suggested retail price for the product. You may be told whether you can offer the product as a bonus. Look for conditions for distribution via a membership site or auction sites.

Master resale rights (MRR) gives you the additional right to offer resale rights to your customers. Your customers can resell the product but usually can’t give that right to their customers. MRR products usually come with a sales page, download page and graphics.

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Internet Skills Test – How did you score?

Posted on 20 February 2008 by Linda Joseph

How did you score?

90-100% You know a lot and are on our way!
70-90% Time to get some specialized training
0 -70% Get training NOW!


If you want to score 100% and really get serious about your Internet business, then keep reading…

I am teaching a live class that covers all the above areas. The great advantage of a live class is that you can ask questions and get answers! Go and see all the things I will cover in this class:

To read more about “How to Design a Website“, the class go to:

Starting February 19th, you will get 8 weeks of training via webinars.. All the material is recorded and available to students in a password protected area. Questions are answered at the end of each session and if you miss a session you can email in questions.

The last time I offered this class, I sold out! Registration cutoff is midnight, February 17th. Please email me if you have any questions.

Go now to:

and see all that you will learn in just 8 weeks!

3. Quick Tips
Want Free Traffic?

One of my free traffic sources is YouTube and Google Video.
Remember my advice on eBay classified ads? The same applies for
video: You need the right title and description to drive traffic to
your website.

HTML Editor

An HTML editor can save you lots of time when designing a website
or auction template. If you are going to do a lot of design then
I recommend Dreamweaver or Frontpage. If you are just starting out
and on a tight budget, the start with NVu. It is a free HTML editor
and is quite nice.

NOTE: I cover how to use an HTML editor in the
Website Design Class.

You can get your own copy of the newsletter from now on by sending a blank email now

Helping you define your roadmap to success,


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