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Extra Income – Sell on Amazon

Posted on 03 March 2014 by Linda Joseph

Do you need extra income? Sell on Amazon

Who doesn’t? Here is what I have done and what I do now which is sell on Amazon.

Although I have been running a successful Internet consulting business for many sell on amazon how to make money years, I have other streams of income.  (You don’t want to have all your eggs in one basket!)

I started out selling books.  Being a home school mom, I was constantly on the lookout for good inexpensive books.  By the time my kids had graduated high school, I have 5 floor to cesell on amazon how to make moneyiling bookshelves full of great books.

When it was time to downsize, I had to get rid of my beloved books!  I started selling on eBay and then and then I hit the jackpot!  I discovered Amazon!  I began to sell on Amazon. My books were selling quickly but I was spending way too much time packing and shipping orders.

Next jackpot: FBA!   I shipped my books into Amazon and for a fee, they shipped the books to customers for me!  Wow!!!sell on amazon how to make money

In 2009 I started using FBA and never looked back!

It is easy to get started and setup an income funnel.

If you need a couple hundred extra dollars a month to cover a car payment or other expense, consider selling on Amazon.

You can get started without using FBA (Fulfill by Amazon).

You can do this on your own or you can use training.  I have bought several programs and have learned a lot.  The program I recommend is Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course. 

Just give it a try.  Let me know what roadblocks you have.

PS If you don’t know where to start selling on Amazon, I recommend not starting with the categories that need approval.  Check out this list:


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New FTC Rules – Are You Exposed?

Posted on 21 October 2009 by Linda Joseph

These are the biggest changes in the FTC rules
about advertising since 1980.

Starting December 1st, there are major changes in the FTC rules
about advertising.

You need to know about them and how they affect your business.

Just some of the implications:

1. You can now throw out just about every online marketing course
because they are effectively out-of-date.

2. If you sell products or services or are in affiliate marketing
you will have to re-write your copy.

Join me and my business partner, Karen Brunet of ESS Dream Team,
as we discuss the new FTC rules just announced a
couple of weeks ago.

Learn what you – as a business owner, product or service provider,
or affiliate marketer – can do NOW to be prepared so you
stay off the FTC’s radar screen.

If you’ve been confused about whether or not the new FTC rules
apply to you, you don’t want to miss this FREE call.

You can sign up for the teleseminar here:

Helping You Define Your Roadmap to Success,

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Online Credit Cards, Online Payments

Posted on 11 September 2008 by Linda Joseph

credit cardsImage by s e l v i n via Flickr

How do I accept credit cards online?

I can’t believe how many times I am asked this question!

“I have an ebook I want to sell online.  How can I accept credit cards?”

“I have a service I want to offer on the Internet.  How can I get payments online?”

“I am offering a workshop and need to have a way for attendees to pay me automatically.”

If you have wondered how to accept payments online, wonder no longer.  It is actually quite simple.


Watch this video…

Helping you define your roadmap to success,

PS Subscribe to the RSS so you don’t miss the beta test announcement for more videos.

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Resale / Resell Rights Products – Website Design Skills

Posted on 28 February 2008 by Linda Joseph

Skills You Need to Sell Resale Rights Products

Skills you need to market resale rights products:

  • Common sense: Make sure you take a look at the product to determine whether the content is worth reading. (NOTE: Make sure a sales page is a part of the package. This is critical!)

  • Market Research: Is your market looking for this content?

  • Use an HTML Editor: Make changes to the website to personalize and set up the download page

  • Find good domain names: use your favorite domain registrar to purchase a good domain name for the product

  • Locate expandable hosting: set up a hosting account that can accommodate you needs now as well as future

  • File transfer: all the files need to be uploaded to your hosting account

    These are basic Internet marketing skills. If you don’t know how to do any of the above steps you need to educate yourself NOW!

    Go to and sign up for my class.

    Even if you miss the first couple of classes I will work with you to get you up to speed quickly..

    NOTE: These skills are necessary for not only resale rights products, but master resale rights, private label rights, effective ebay marketing, generating traffic, etc.

    Please don’t waste time floundering around with these skills. Get the basics and propel your business to the next level quickly!

3. Quick Tips
Want a Blueprint for Resale Rights?
I have read this material and watched his videos. This is the best way to propel your resale rights business!

NOTE: MIT Approved!

Website Design Mistakes
I just review a website last night that used an image for a background.
It was awful!!

You will lose your visitors if they have work at reading your copy!

Learn all about it at:

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