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How to Build Backlinks

Posted on 12 September 2011 by Linda Joseph

How to Build Backlinks

I have been building backlinks for my websites and for my clients.  You need a good backlink strategy to maximize the benefits.

I will be putting out report soon on building backlinks but I just read a good article on the growth of tumblr.  Here is an excerpt:

At the end of last year we estimated that was larger than Tumblr in terms
of unique visitors and number of bloggers.
However we noted that Tumblr had about twice
the number of page views per month.

On the page view front at least, Tumblr has
exploded in recent months. Quantcast puts it at
12 billion per month currently, compared to 1.4B
for So Tumblr now gets 8.5 times
more page views per month than
(at least according to Quantcast, which in my
experience tends to be the most accurate public
web statistics tool).

I would recommend that you include both and tumblr in your backlink strategy. They both have high page rank and both get a lot of traffic.  Both of these will benefit you website.

Here is what you do:

  1. Setup an account at and
  2. Name your site your keywords
  3. Provide some good content
  4. Link to your main website

In the upcoming report I will cover not only backlinks but having a linking strategy. You may have heard of a ‘linkwheel’.  I will cover my version and how I maximize the exposure for my websites.

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Google +1 versus Facebook “Like”

Posted on 23 June 2011 by Linda Joseph

What is the difference between Google +1 and Facebook “Like”?

Google +1 is Google’s attempt to provide some sort of social credibility with websites.  Do a search in Google and you will now see a +1 box beside each of the natural search results.[google1]


Google +1 versus Facebook 'Like'
Google +1

You can add +1 to your pages to help your site stand out and it also allows others who like your content to recommend it on Google search.

Here is a screen shot of a Google search for ‘Internet Tutor’ – broad match:


Google Search Results Internet Tutor +1 Positions 3 & 4

As you can see, is #3 and #4 in the search results.  I just clicked on +1.  We’ll see how that affects the results.

If you go to page 2 in the search results, you will find one of my Facebook pages at in position #19 I believe.


Google Search Internet Tutor Facebook page results
Internet Tutor Facebook Page Results

To get the most accurate results, make sure you sign out of your Google account before doing the search.

Now let’s take a look at the results in Bing:


Bing Search Results Internet Tutor #1!

It is interesting that Google picked up my Facebook Fan Page Internet Tutor and Bing who is in cahootz with Facebook didn’t rank it in the top 3 results.  But I am happy with position #1 in Bing.

I use several SEO techniques as well as social buzz to help with my site’s relevancy.  To learn more join Internet Tutor!   [google1]


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Linda Joseph (30DayTraffic) and Micheal Campbell (#1 SEO Mistake)Consistent

Posted on 24 March 2010 by Linda Joseph

On March 1st I started a 30 Day Traffic plan.  Driving traffic isn’t hard but you need to do the right things consistently.

I took the overwhelming part and turned it into doable daily tasks. It you perform these tasks consistently you will increase the traffic to your website!

The goal of Day #5 is to Search Engine Optimize your blog/website.  The very first recommendation is to optimize your title tag. (Get all 30 daily traffic tasks at – while it is still free.)

I was just reading through Michael Campbell’s email and the #1 SEO mistake made forgetting to put keywords in your title tag!

Here is a video Michael Campbell made on this #1 SEO mistake.

Helping You Define Your RoadMap for Business Success,

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How do I get website traffic?

Posted on 04 March 2010 by Linda Joseph

The best way to get free traffic is through search engine results and social marketing. This process can seem a bit overwhelming but if you break down the tasks into simple steps it is doable.
(Elements: keywords; articles; press releases; twitter; videos; web20 sites; RSS; social bookmarking; tracking; etc…)

30 Day Traffic – free set of daily tasks to increase site traffic:
Day 1 – check your keywords (This is the #1 problem I have seen – none/wrong keywords)
Day 2 – website (self-hosted WordPress or Blogger)
Day 3 – tracking (free tools)
Day 4 – Blog & Ping (this is NOT dead! — if done correctly)
Day 5 – SEO

For the rest, go to the resource below:

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