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Inexpensive Websites: Lead Capture, Squeeze Page or Landing Page

Posted on 28 October 2011 by Linda Joseph

Free Marketing 101

Part 2 of “Free Marketing: 101 Low and No Cost Ways to Grow Your Business” by Jim Cockrum, covers what type of website you might need.

In my last post I covered the key factors you need to consider when you build a website. On page 35 of “Free Marketing“, Jim talks about lead capture pages.

I’m sure you have all heard about squeeze pages or landing pages or lead capture pages.  Since Jim is a huge fan of email marketing it is not surprising to have him cover this topic at the beginning of his new book.

Here is the idea:  A squeeze page is a simple page where you ask for the visitors name and email in exchange for something. Many of you gave me your name and email in exchange for my free book: “Seven Easy Steps to HTML Success.”

Here is a screen shot of that squeeze page:

I have generated a list of thousands by giving away this free ebook.  The book has a lot of value.  It is over 100 pages with screen shots. It is a lot of value to anyone who wants to learn a little HTML or wants to learn to design websites.

Here is the criteria that Jim gives for a good squeeze page:

  • Short and sweet domain name – here I have
  • Website sites above the fold – meaning that the viewer does not have to scroll down to see the whole page.  (When you go to, 90% of the page is above the fold. There are a couple of bullet points below.)
  • Give away something of value – in this instance I give away a 100 page ebook that has quality content
  • Benefits – there are 7 bullet points on what you will learn with this book.  (I need to improve on this and make these benefits. I was going after keywords.)
  • Relevant information – Jim says to make sure that you tell them you are going to sending them relevant information.  (I need to add that to this page as well!)
Looks like I have a bit of homework to do on my squeeze page!
You really need an automated system for following up with your leads.  Jim will cover this in another chapter. (Jim and I both use aWeber.)

Here is a free video from Jim setting up a squeeze page:

Leave comments or questions below.

PS If you haven’t picked up “Free Marketing: 101 Low and No Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online and Offline”, get it today!  Click here:Free Marketing 101

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Simple WordPress Review Theme

Posted on 26 August 2011 by Linda Joseph

WordPress Review Theme

I love the default themes from WordPress.  They are simple to use and modify.  But occasionally I need a unique theme for clients that is easy to implement.  I just picked up the review themes – see below…

As you can see they are very simple in style but provide the key elements:

  • An “About You” widget with a place for a picture to personalize the website
  • An east to setup widget for collecting names and emails of visitors.
  • Clean look
  • Easy to change background colors
  • Easy to change custom header
  • iPhone/Droid compatible – out of the box!
You can pick these theme here: WordPress Review Themes
It is important to see what these themes like.  I am working some wonderful ladies who make wreaths, floral designs and much more.  This month we are going to be setting up websites for each of their businesses. 
You can see some of the sample ideas I have put up at:  .  I made screenshots of just a few of the options they have for setting up their website/blog in just minutes!
Please respond below with questions and comments… What is your favorite theme?
Helping you define your roadmap for business success,

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Make Your Own Website – Critique

Posted on 28 February 2010 by Linda Joseph

[name withheld], Great job of getting this WordPress blog up!

Here are a few thoughts/questions:

1.Objective – what are your trying to accomplish with this site?
* Do you want leads?
* Do you want students?
* Is this local or online or both?
* Is this supporting offline ads or the main ad?

2. Take your primary objective and it should be above the fold.
If you want people to take action then you need to have few distractions.

Look at squeeze pages from some of the gurus.  You have two options – sign up and find out more or leave.

Making a squeeze page is a relatively easy thing to do but most people/businesses have a hard time understanding this concept.

3. Your client’s desires/wants
Matching up what your client wants and what is best is not always easy. The more opinionated the client the more difficult it is to do what is best for them.

Back to practical application and the easiest thing for you to implement:

Above the fold:
Headline Red – with a more compelling hook
support sub-headline
Opt-in box

Your copy is down the page,,,I’m sure she must have pics of her work and her students work,,,sprinkle those throughout for color and examples of results.

PS You did a good job with title tag!

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Make Money Online-Video How to Install GIMP

Posted on 20 December 2008 by Linda Joseph

Several of you asked for help getting started with GIMP.  I made a video showing you how to install GIMP. You will see that it isn’t difficult!


Get started now learning GIMP, develop your skills and offer your services.  If you need help, I have a set of videos that will save you tons of time!

Helping you define your Internet GPS – Your RoadMap to Success,

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