Internet Marketing Skills Test Answers Continued

Posted on 19 February 2008 by Linda Joseph

5. Sales pages are not necessary

False: If you are selling a product, you need some sort of a sales page. It could be a squeeze page, a product page, an article page, an information page, etc. The possibilities are endless! (Once you learn this you can take resale rights sales pages and make changes; even add them to eBay and turn into an auction!)
6. Download links are very difficult

False: Download links are fairly simple to set up. You will need a download link if you are going to want to offer a product or a free report. (This skill will allow you to offer resale rights products or PLR products as a download, whether the buyer comes through your web page or eBay.)

7. You have to pay a lot of upload a website
False: You can upload your web pages and products to your hosting for free! There is a very specific protocol for doing this called FTP. A search on Google will get you started.

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