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Posted on 20 August 2009 by Linda Joseph

“Magic List Bot Confused?” Video tutorial is now available!

I made this video because I was confused and many of my members were confused as well.

Please leave a comment if this helped.

Magic List Bot Clear the Confusion

The demo is here:

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  1. Brucd Says:

    Thanks for the video–I got the software but was also very confused–so much so that I was planning on getting a refund. I think now I will try to play around with it for a couple of days to see if it is worthwhile. I believe it has a lot of potential but it definitely needs some explicit instructional videos from the owner.

    Thanks again for making it less confusing.


  2. Linda Says:

    Bruce, Thank you for the response! I’m glad the videos helped. I also posted this info on the Warrior Forum and noticed that Paul has replied that he will be adding more videos and content for those who purchased early.

    Let me know what results you get from the software.

  3. Jim Says:

    I received the email promoting and couldn’t understand how the product worked, I received another with Paul’s 2nd video … I saw your post and watched your videos as well.

    Honestly, I’m still baffled … if you could find it in your heart to make more videos that guide us thru the process step by step I’d be more inclined to try it out.

    I’ll check back here and see what transpires.

  4. Linda Says:

    Jim, Thanks for the feedback! I have been thinking about putting together a few strategies for Magic List Bot.

    Let me see what I can fit into my schedule this week.

    Hang in there! The key is having a way to drive traffic to the offer,, then you can utilize this tool to build your list.

  5. cash Says:

    linda, thank you for the video, i’m a bit less confused now, but agree with jim: some further clarification would be great.
    i also think you have to improve on your audio, it’s sometimes too low and sometimes too loud and the quality is poor…

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