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Getting Started

  • Silent Sales Machine by Jim Cockrum
    This is a great place to start! I have worked with the author of this book, Jim Cockrum, for several years. Jim has a rich knowledge of Internet Marketing and you won’t find a more credible person. This inexpensive e-book is a good start for making money from home.

Make Money from Home

  • Proven Amazon Course This is a great book to get started using Amazon’s FBA program. I tried it on my own first and wasted time and money. This course helped me to focus on the books/products which would sell best using the FBA program.
    See my post on Amazon here:
  • I belong to MySilentTeam which has all the latest on selling on Amazon, eBay, Internet marketing and much more. It is a great resource! (I now sell all my books on Amazon! The proven Amazon course above is great course on learning how to do this.)
  • “Three Easy Steps to Sell Your Wreaths on the Internet” by Nancy Alexander & Linda Joseph
    This free report provides a great overview on how to start selling what you  make on the Internet. (You can apply these steps to about any physical product you might make.) Sign up below to get your copy now.
  • How To…  (Videos/Posts/Tutorials)

Building Your Online Presence

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So get the feed or come back regularly and see who and what I recommend. I only recommend trusted sources and/or experts that I have personally worked with or bought their products.

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