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Should I Go To Jim Cockrum’s CES in Dallas?

Posted on 17 April 2014 by Linda Joseph

What is your business strategy?

Today I shared with you that I was going to Jim Cockrum’s CES event in Dallas in September.





The feedback I got was a question:

Should I go to this event?

My response: What are you doing or wanting to do?  What kind of business do you have or are wanting to start?

If you have nothing or don’t know, then you want to to go to Dallas!!!

If you know what you want or have a business, will this event help you get closer to your goals?

I have had a successful business providing Internet marketing services, coaching and consulting.  I love what I do!
I have started using my skills and experience to sell physical products.

Read more here:

What I love about this business model is that it is easily scalable and can be taught non-technical types.  I am starting
two businesses (one with my daughter and another with my son) selling physical products.  I am teaching them the
essential Internet marketing, business and financial skills to run a successful business.

I am taking them to the conference in Dallas because I know they will meet like-minded entrepreneurs and will get lotsces-sept-4-2014
of help and encouragement and ideas.

Here are a few other reasons why I will be attending CES:

  1. Lots of great content about building multiple streams of income
  2. Meet real people who are successful and want to help others
  3. To encourage and help newbies starting out
  4. Network and find other partners

This event was sold out last year. It was one of the best events I have ever attended.

This is not a sales event – this is learning from “real” people how them are making a living online today!

Take a look and learn more here:

PS If you buy through my link I will receive a small commission.  In return I am offering a free
WordPress website!

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