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Local Market Loophole

Posted on 13 May 2010 by Linda Joseph

I have been working with local businesses for the last couple of years. Everyone is talking about how easy it is to make money selling "internet marketing" services to local business owners.traffic-graphic copy It is true that the competition for Internet Marketing services it much less with local businesses than it is for the global market online. However, I have to tell you that it isn't easy!  It takes work to get stared.  Then you need a way to outsource the implementation. I just came across a service that does the entire backend!  You just have to get the leads from local businesses to optin for information on how to grow their business and this company does all the backend.  The great part of this is that you get a commission on all the backend work. (Note: He calls it a lie.  I call it maximizing your potential!) Go watch the video: Having this kind of partner is a great way to get started. Helping you define your road map to success, Linda PS He always uses this scarcity tactic but I know it will come down soon. Go watch the video – if nothing else see another model that works.

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