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Pinterest – Do You Have a Business Account?

Posted on 09 April 2014 by Linda Joseph

If you have a business, then you most likely want a Pinterest business account.

The first reason why: Let people find your business on Pinterest9fd13947ed6dd0a3d1bcdc1733454e0a

If you have physical products, this is fairly easy!  You pin pictures of your products or people using your products.  If you can find pictures of satisfied customers then you you could pin them.

If you have primarily services, then you can pin screenshots of results or pictures of customers, their logos, or business.

Make sure you add a ‘Pin’ button to your website to make it easier for visitors to pin photos from your website.

Secondly: Let people get to know you and your business better

This isn’t just about pinning business pics.  It is about letting others get to know you; the personality of your business; who you are.

Make sure you have some boards on other topics and interests.  The only exception might be a pure e-commerce site where there is no person or personality behind the products.  I can’t think of one off-hand but there must be a few.

I just finished a video on changing my personal Pinterest account into a business account.

It is very easy to do! You may want to consider setting up a separate business account rather than changing your personal account to a business account.

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