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Which Share Plugin Should I Use?

Posted on 23 December 2013 by Linda Joseph

You Want to Make it Easy for Your Visitors to Share Your Content!

Most of my blog posts come from questions from clients.  I figure that if they have the question, then it would probably benefit you.

I recently recommended to a client that he make his content easier for his visitors to share.  He is doing well on Facebook and is just starting on Pinterest.

Since his site is loaded with awesome images, I suggested that he first make it easy to pin the images and share the content to Facebook.

Here are a couple of options:

1 – For a simple pin function, I like ‘Pin It On Pinterest’









2 – For sharing with the primary social sites, I like “Socialize”



I really like the floating icons on the left.  It is a constant reminder to share the content.  You will notice that there is also a box under the post which encourages readers to leave a comment.




3. Another share plugin that is nice is “AddThis”. You can put the icons on the top and/or the bottom of the post. I don’t like that you can’t pick what icons you want.  For instance, I would like to see Google+ as an option.
















4 – One last plugin I have used is “ShareThis.”  It does have Google+ and Pinterest and you can add to the top and/or bottom of the posts.

sharethis plugin










Do you have a favorite share plugin?


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  1. Samantha Says:

    Thanks for the review! There are too many plugins to chose from! I like ‘socialize’ with the social buttons appearing on the left side.

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