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More Facebook Small Business Tips…

Posted on 26 February 2013 by Linda Joseph

In the last couple of blog posts on Facebook tips, we have taken a look at:Facebook Small Business Page Tipss

  •  Cover image
  •  Profile pic
  •  Pin Posts
  • Highlight Posts
  • Post Content
  • CTA – Call to Action

In this post we are going to cover a couple of key components to successful on Facebook:


Facebook is the largest social platform and you need to be social!  I have client who use Facebook, or rather, attempt to use Facebook to find more customers.

What they are doing wrong:

  • Use Facebook to continually pitch their products or services2-24-2013-facebook-small-business-page-tips-nancy-alexander-2
  • Do not respond to customer/visitor comments
  • Do not answer complaints
  • Do not share anything about themselves or their business or their story

So what should they be doing:

  • For every sales post there is at least two “interesting” posts  (add value or talk about some recent milestone)
  • Add images on as many posts as possible
  • Respond to every comment
  • Pick times when your visitors are online and be consistent with your presence
  • Run contests or sweepstakes with third party apps

NOTE: You do not have to be the one that has all the content.  Curate from trusted sources.  Show that you are not only an expert yourself in a particular area but that you also know the other experts who add value content and insights.

The fastest way to learn is by either getting training or by doing what successful people are doing.  My partner, Nancy Alexander, is a Facebook guru!  She knows how to engage with her target market.  The example screenshots shown on this post are from her Facebook page.  You can see her Facebook small business page here.

The best training that we have used to date (I am sure that there are other good courses but we only promote what we buy.)  FB Influence by Amy Porterfield is a great course for a very reasonable price.

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