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Adding Unique Content

Posted on 07 February 2011 by Linda Joseph

You always want to be adding content to your website or blog.  If you are using social media for traffic, you need content for it as well.

There are many topics that I write about without a lot of effort but I like have a tool that is easy to  use and provides great results.  The best software I have tried so far is Instant Article Writer.

Instant Article Wizard is a desktop tool that lets you enter a set of keywords to research.  It then goes out to the web and collects research relating to those keywords that you can use in articles on that subject.

It makes it so easy to research topics and write articles that you can often write new articles from scratch in minutes — even if you know nothing about the subject when you start!

This is a great video showing some of the features:

If you want to go to find out more, go to Instant Article.

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How to Embed Video in WordPress – free solution

Posted on 23 August 2009 by Linda Joseph

How to embed video in WordPress

Thanks to my friend Susan over at MarketingWilson.com, here is a free solution:

Here is what their solution looks like:


Sorry for using the same video but I wanted to compare apples with apples.

Helping you define your roadmap to success,

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How Do I Use a Blog to Drive Traffic?

Posted on 09 April 2009 by Linda Joseph

Image representing WordPress as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

Question from subscriber:  Would you recommend a blog for my website?

Let’s take a look at the big picture:

You have a market you are targeting with a set of keyword phrases.
Your blog is one piece of your marketing strategy. A very key piece if used correctly. (Every website we create for clients includes a WordPress blog.)

  • Post around your keyword phrases
  • Pinging is one of the great advantages of blogging since it automatically sends out a notice, “Hey, I updated my website.”
  • RSS feeds are another advantage of blogging.  Most blogging platforms provide a feed automatically for you.  (If not there are services like feedburner that will make one for you.)

Your traffic strategy should also include a few other pieces like articles, social media, social bookmarkeing, etc. (Pick a couple to start out with and begin building your traffic and honing your offer. Then expand as you generate income and can outsource.)

This is a topic that you want to understand and implement.  There is a lot more to utilizing a blog effectively than is apparent on the surface.  Learn how to do this right and you will gain tremendous benefits!


PS Learn how install a blog and make it search engine friendly (video tutorials)

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Make Money by Driving More Traffic

Posted on 21 September 2008 by Linda Joseph

Make Money by Learning How to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog

I just skimmed a new free report on Traffic.  (There are tons of reports availble on traffic.  You can’t possibly expect to be able to read through them all.)

We both know that getting traffic to your website or blog is a never ending challenge. But it’s a necessary challenge, because without traffic you can’t do much of anything. So you are probably – like me – always on the lookout for new traffic generation methods and as many good ways to do it as you possibly can.

The Traffic Tips Report claims to do just that. This is a recently released report from internet marketer Justin Michie.  But as with anything online I thought it was worth taking a closer look.

For starters, the report doesn’t just show you a few ways to generate website traffic, it delivers 247 unique ways to get traffic to your site. That’s the good news IF you know what these different ways mean.

Free Traffic Tips Report - CLICK HERE!

If you are a newbie, this list will overwhelm you and you won’t know how to implement his traffic tips. ( My membership site will help you implement the traffic strategies you need.  I will show you which steps you need to take and when you need to implement them.)

If you have some experience, you can use this list as a checklist for additional ways to promote your website or blog to make more money online.

Just don’t let the amount of ideas in here overwhelm you – don’t try to do it all at once.  (Not all of these will work for your market.)  Pick the ones that will give you the best results.

Some of the methods will result in short term traffic and others will result in long term traffic. If you start with a few of short term and a few long term methods from this report you can give your site a quick burst of traffic right away while building long term traffic. This will help your traffic grow quickly and still sustain itself so you’ll be getting plenty of visitors month after month.

The report has been reviewed by some of the most successful and well known internet marketers. Joel Comm and Willie Crawford both highly recommended it, when Justin was charging money for it. (It had been selling at the discounted rate of $7 at http://www.TrafficTipsReport.com.)

Joel calls it a “really valuable resource” that all internet marketers should have. And Willie “recommends it to all of his clients and subscribers.” When you have endorsements like these you really can’t go wrong!

Another great thing about this report is that it will work for any type of niche. It doesn’t matter if you have a website on puppies or a blog about day trading. There are traffic generation methods in it that will work for everyone and every niche.

So if you are looking for unique ways to drive more traffic to your site, you really need to look no further than the Traffic Tips Report. If you want a copy (while it’s still free) you can download it from here. It’s a great resource for your traffic tool chest!

Helping you define your road map to success,

PS I recommend keeping Traffic Tips as a resource.  If you need help finding the right traffic tip and implementation, keep an eye out for the membership launch.  I will have tons of resources to start and build your Internet business.

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