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How to Create Facebook Page – Optimize Apps

Posted on 27 March 2012 by Linda Joseph

Optimize Facebook Apps

New Facebook Timeline Layout

We have talked about the cover image and the profile pic and now we want to focus on the app space.

Rather than see a list of apps in the left sidebar, you can now feature 4 apps.  Look at the image below:

Facebook pages timeline layout changes Application spaceNotice the 4 images in the the above screenshot.- See live Internet Tutor in Facebook.

The first one is your photos.  You can not move or delete this app. You can however decide which image you want to show.  You can decide whether you want to have some call to action image…

The next three images can highlight any app and call to action you want !  This space is more valuable than the cover image!

WHY? Because you can have a call to action and click through to your targeted content.

The above example isn’t a good example.  The number of ‘likes’ isn’t high enough to cause someone to take action nor is it a particularly helpful with interaction other than proof.

The map is handy only if you are trying to get more local focus.

HOWEVER, the “FREE REPORT” does catch your eye.  You notice that the text below the box targets the visitor.  If the visitor is interested in Facebook Fan Pages they will click to learn more.

Which brings up the second advantage of the apps: you can add qualifying text below the image on most apps.  (NOTE: You can’t change the text on apps like ‘Notes’ or ‘Video’)

The third advantage is that you can change the image.  The image is 112×74.  With some simple graphics knowledge you can create a ‘call to action’ button.

Although only 4 apps show up you have room for 12 apps in total.  I doubt that many visitors check out the other apps but you can experiment with what you show.

(NOTE: You can also re-arrange the apps as well as edit the caption and the image that shows.  See “How to Create a Facebook Page – Timeline Layout Changes Part 3”.)

Video: “How to Create a Facebook Page – Timeline Layout Changes Part 3”


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How to Set Up Facebook Page – Timeline Part 2

Posted on 07 March 2012 by Linda Joseph

How to Set Up Facebook Page – Cover Image

NOTE: On March 30th all Facebook pages will be converted the the new Timeline layout. To make sure that your page looks nice and professional, review what you need to do before the changeover.

In my last post I covered the primary changes that will occur on March 30 to Facebook Pages Timeline Layout.

1. Branding
2. News
3.  Admin

Today we are going to talk about Branding on the new Facebook pages timeline layout.

Look at this sample below and notice the large graphic at the top of the page.  Facebook calls this the cover photo.

Facebook pages changes - timeline example cover image

The cover photo dimensions are: 851 x 315 pixels.

Facebook Pages Timeline Changes Cover Photo Restrictions

  • NO Contact Information!
  • NO Call to Action!
  • NO Asking for the Like

So what can you have?

  • Image with a great visual impact
  • Should express or represent your business or product(s)
  • Grab visitor attention
  • Utilize the 851×315 image space
Take a look at what other businesses are doing to get ideas.
Facebook Pages Timeline Changes Cover Photo
Facebook Pages Timeline Changes Cover Photo
Facebook Pages Timeline Changes Cover Photo
Facebook Pages Timeline Changes Cover Photo

NOTE: You can read more about the rules and regulations here: https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php

Helping you to define your roadmap to business success,


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how to setup facebook pages overview of changes

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How to Set Up Facebook Page – Timeline Part 1

Posted on 05 March 2012 by Linda Joseph

How to Set Up Facebook Page – Overview

Facebook gives plenty of work to Internet marketers, graphics designers and HTML coders!

Facebook is constantly changing and if you are using Facebook for your business or for your client’s business, you need to stay on top of the changes!

If you have a Facebook personal profile then you know about the Timeline changes and you have probably already seen several friends profiles that have switched over to the timeline layout.

Now Facebook is requiring ‘Pages’ to follow the same format. As of March 30th, all Facebook pages will convert to the timeline format.

No sense having a cow over this!  Just understand what the changes are and how to use them to move your business forward!

Here is what Facebook says about this change:

Here are the 3 major changes:

Facebook Changes for Pages - Timeline

  1. Brand Your Pages
    You can now have a unique cover image for your Facebook Page and highlight your most important news on your timeline.
  2. Highlight Key Information
    Pin a new post to the top of your page so that followers can quickly see the most important information easily!
  3. Easier Page Management
    Easily manage your posts, responses and messages in the admin dashboard.

Over the next couple of weeks we will look at each of these changes in more detail…

PS Still have plenty more to discuss on Pinterest but my clients need the Facebook info now so I need to switch gears.

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How to Create a Facebook Page URL

Posted on 15 September 2011 by Linda Joseph

How to Create a Facebook Page URL

Creating a Facebook page URL or username for your Facebook page just got a lot simpler!

You used to first create a page and then need to get 25 ‘Likes’ before you could select a username.  That has all changed!

You can now setup a Facebook page and get a vanity URL (or username) without having to get the 25 ‘Likes’!  That makes it so much simpler for businesses trying to get their username for their business.


What about all those greedy Internet marketers who will try to horde as many names as they can?

Facebook has thought about that and has a few rules to circumvent a lot of hording…

  • You still can’t change the username once you choose one.  (That rule hasn’t changed Once you have 100 likes, you are stuck!)
  • You cannot transfer ownership of a username to another entity
  • You can’t violate trademark rights (so no getting facebook.com/trademark)
  • You can’t take a username and sit on it with the intention to sell it in the future…:o)
  • If you have an unauthorized usage of the name you may loose it

If appears that Facebook is covering its bases.  For those of you building a legitimate page for your business, good news for you!


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