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Free Marketing 101 Standing Out Online Keywords

Posted on 15 October 2011 by Linda Joseph

Free Marketing 101

Standing Out Online Keywords

REFERENCE: Go to Chapter 15, Keyword Marketing, in Jim’s book, “Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business“, page 60,61.

Goal: Determine your primary keyword phrase. (You may have 2-3 secondary phrases)

The number one mistake I see businesses and want-a-be marketers make is understanding the market they are going after and the keywords they should target.

My goal with any project is to get ranked in the top 20 results of Google for my primary keyword phrase. In order to meet this goal I need to know who my market is, what they are searching for and how to provide the best solution for their problem.

I am not going to tell you this part is easy. It isn’t! It takes some work and some digging to come up with the best keywords to target. But I will tell you that is you don’t do this your website traffic is ‘toast.!

How Do I Start?
Here is an overview of the process:
1. Start with broad terms and look for relevant niches
2. Iterate between finding terms with sufficient search volume and low competition

Let me give you an example:
1. Go to Google Keyword tool and type in a couple of broad phrases and do a search. The results will provide a number of related keywords.

In this example, I type in: memory verses, memorize Bible & memory verse songs; check synonym box and click ‘get Keyword ideas’
2. Look through the results to see which terms best match your target market and add these to a spreadsheet.
3. The add the search volume for each term
4. Now go to Google.com and enter each term, one at a time, to see how many search results and add those numbers to your spreadsheet.
5. Evaluate the results and pick the keywords that match you market as well as have some search volume with minimal competition.

Although I have used the free tools at Google I saw a lot of time by using different keyword tools. My favorite tool offers a free version which you will find useful at www.MarketSamuraiBeta.com.

Video on the keyword tools mentioned in Jim Cockrum’s book, “”Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business“, page 60,61.

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How do I get website traffic?

Posted on 04 March 2010 by Linda Joseph

The best way to get free traffic is through search engine results and social marketing. This process can seem a bit overwhelming but if you break down the tasks into simple steps it is doable.
(Elements: keywords; articles; press releases; twitter; videos; web20 sites; RSS; social bookmarking; tracking; etc…)

30 Day Traffic – free set of daily tasks to increase site traffic:
Day 1 – check your keywords (This is the #1 problem I have seen – none/wrong keywords)
Day 2 – website (self-hosted WordPress or Blogger)
Day 3 – tracking (free tools)
Day 4 – Blog & Ping (this is NOT dead! — if done correctly)
Day 5 – SEO

For the rest, go to the resource below:

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Make Money on the Internet – Drive Traffic

Posted on 31 August 2009 by Linda Joseph

Make Money on the Internet with Free Traffic

Last week I posted a video showing how I installed Jeff Johnson’s free SEO software on
an existing blog.

Here is the second video where I walk you through how to finish the setup of this free
SEO WordPress plugin. Jeff has done all the work for you.

Get your free copy of this SEO plugin at:

Helping you define your roadmap for success,
PS All you have to do to get your free SEO software is click here and enter your email.
That’s it!

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Get Website Traffic – Free Traffic Getting SEO Plugin

Posted on 25 August 2009 by Linda Joseph

I wanted to let you in on one of my secrets for traffic –
it is a free plugin for WordPress.

I install a WordPress blog for over 90% of my clients because the search engines
love WordPress blogs.

If you are a member I give you step by step instructions for installing a WordPress blog and setting up the theme and the plugins.

Most of the time I use this free traffic getting SEO plugin from Jeff Johnson.

The latest version is called: free-traffic-getting-seo-2.0.1

You get the software and training for free.

If you aren’t familiar with WordPress, you need to be!
WordPress is a great way to get a website up fast that
the search engines love. For WordPress How To videos and information
go to www.WordPressCreation101.com.

Helping you define your roadmap to success,
PS Download your free software now!

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