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Internet Marketing Skills Test Answers

Posted on 18 February 2008 by Linda Joseph

Internet Skills Test Answers

Internet Skills Test Answer Sheet:

1. HTML stand for ‘How to Make Linguine’

False: HTML is the acronym for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is the language used to design web pages. For some reason there is a misconception that learning HTML is hard. Once you grasps the structure and learn a few basic codes, it is quite intuitive and fun!

2. An HTML editor is used for creating SPAM

False: An HTML editor simply allows you to design a web page easily using WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. If you have used Microsoft Word or a similar program then you have used a WYSIWYG editor. An HTML editor lets your design your website the way you want and automatically inserts the HTML code for you. Now that is handy! Designing websites becomes a breeze.

NOTE: Look in the Quick Tips this week for a free editor.

3. Graphics speed up you site load time

False: Most graphics slow down the loading of a website. If you aren’t careful you can lose visitors who are impatient. Every website needs graphics to make the website visually appealing. Learning how to do some simple tasks in a graphics program will dress up you websites a lot without slowing down the load time..


4. Free hosting is best

False: If you are serious about starting an Internet business you need to invest in a domain name ($10) and hosting ($5-8/mon). Your hosting on the Internet is where your web pages are located. It is important to understand the basic requirements you need for your business.


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