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Black Friday Sale – 50% Off Web Hosting!

Posted on 25 November 2011 by Linda Joseph

Black Friday Sale

I know this is a little late but I have been having too much fun with my family to think about work!

I remembered on my way home from shopping that I wanted to get another hosting account and know my favorite hosting company was having a ‘Black Friday’ sale.

If you want a website, you need web hosting. It’s as simple as that. Whether you’re starting your first site, or expanding your online empire… today is the perfect day to sign up for hosting because you can save 50% on your web hosting fees.

Get the details here… (24 hours only – Black Friday sale!) – HostGatorLive.com

Over the past several years, I have referred many family members, friends, customers and student to Hostgator.

Hostgator have impressed me with their low prices and good customer service. Today they are having a “Black Friday” sale, in which you can get your web hosting for half price. You can even choose to pay for a couple years in advance, and lock in the savings! That means you could get your web hosting as low as $2.48 a month, or a Reseller Account as low as $12.48 a month. Bottom line is, if you need web hosting this is a great time to get it: Check out the Black Friday sale here.

Have a great day!


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How to make your Facebook Fan Page SSL

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How to Make Your Facebook Fan Pages SSL Secure

Posted on 09 September 2011 by Linda Joseph

How to Make Your Facebook Fan Pages SSL Secure

Facebook is going to require that all Facebook Fan Pagesreside SSL URLs. If you have

SSL Facebook Fan page

SSL Secure Facebook Fan Page

created Fan Pages for yourself or your clients, you need to fix this by October 1st or

visitors won’t be able to see your pages!

Peter Beattie wrote a very good article on how to setup SSL for you Fan Pages for Free!

Here is an excerpt:

The FREE way to make your

Fanpages SSL Secure:

While most people think they need to buy an SSL Certificate from their hosting provider, this isn’t always the case. There are

quite a few popular web hosting companies that offer something called “Shared SSL”, and the hosting account you have right now might already include it without you knowing.

Peter gives you step by step instructions on how to setup your SSL using share SSL on Hostgator.  If you have followed my blog, you know that I use Hostgator and recommend it to all my clients.  [NOTE: Use this Hostgator coupon code: myinternet  to get you first month hosting Free!]

If you are already familiar with SSL and are comfortable with CPanel then this should be easy to implement.  If you are not familiar, then I would hire someone at Fiverr.com to do this for you.

Remember, your Fan Pages hosted on your server will not be shown to visitors after October 1st unless they are on https urls!

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Make Money Online – You Need Web Hosting

Posted on 20 October 2008 by Linda Joseph

If you really want to make money online you need to have your own web hosting. You cannot rely on free hosting services.

When I coach newbies there are two criteria that they have to meet to even start working with me.  I insist that they have a domain name and that they are not using free hosting services.  (I do offer free hosting to my clients and customers when when they are taking one of my classes or are coaching clients.)

If you do a search for hosting you are going to be overwhelemed with the  options.  Last time I checked, there were about 500 million pages listed for the search term hosting.

I have used several services and one my favorites is HostGatorLive.com.  The have reliable service and you can contact them 24/7.  (24/7 live contact is a



key criteria when looking for a web hosting service.  If I have a problem, it will most likely occur at over the weekend and I need to be able to contact my hosting service then.)

The other criteria is that it must have CPanel access.  www.HostGatorLive.com has CPanel hosting.

The third criteria is the amount of disk space and bandwidth.  (NOTE: Until November 1st, HostGatorLive is running a special.  If you sign up for their baby or business plan you get UNLIMITED disk storage and bandwidth!  That is an awesome deal!)

If you don’t have hosting, go sign up for HostGatorLive hosting now and get a great deal!

Helping you define your GPS – roadmap to success,

PS I use HostGatorLive for my hosting and recommend it to family and friends.

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