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Build Easy Web Site

Posted on 22 September 2008 by Linda Joseph

What It Takes To how to build a website

There are many ways to go about making money online, but the first method starts with building a web site, without a nicely designed and professional looking website, nothing happens.

how to design your own website
There are many great website builders online, but some are not what a beginner would use. As a beginner, you need some type of web design software, that uses no HTML. Something that you will be able to master in a very short span of time. You need something that you can use to just copy and paste your text.

The benefit you will receive from using such programs, is that you won’t have to focus on designing your own website, so that will greatly enable you to focus on what’s important.

create a website
You can only develop winning [span]websites|web sites[/span] once you understand that flashy web design doesn’t make money online. The ugliest web sites makes money online. How is that possible? It is very easy really. People come on the internet looking for content, so the website that provides the best well written content wins.

how to make a website
Many get caught up in the making money fast craze online, but it won’t happen to you unless, you loose focus. Build one great website, and repeat the process, it is the only way, you will honestly see a profit online. Many have done it before and so have I. Stay focus, produce content that people searching for your site will want to read.

The search engines ranks these types of sites in the top ten, spam websites don’t stand a chance online anymore. So to make lots of money online you need to how to build a website. And that is what I will teach you. How to have fun designing your own website and making money.

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Internet Marketing Skills Test Answers Continued

Posted on 19 February 2008 by Linda Joseph

5. Sales pages are not necessary

False: If you are selling a product, you need some sort of a sales page. It could be a squeeze page, a product page, an article page, an information page, etc. The possibilities are endless! (Once you learn this you can take resale rights sales pages and make changes; even add them to eBay and turn into an auction!)
6. Download links are very difficult

False: Download links are fairly simple to set up. You will need a download link if you are going to want to offer a product or a free report. (This skill will allow you to offer resale rights products or PLR products as a download, whether the buyer comes through your web page or eBay.)

7. You have to pay a lot of upload a website
False: You can upload your web pages and products to your hosting for free! There is a very specific protocol for doing this called FTP. A search on Google will get you started.

How did you do on the test?

Add a comment below.


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