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Free Tool – To Do List

Posted on 24 May 2011 by Linda Joseph

I am always looking for ways to save time and be more productive.  I have used several tools over the past couple of years and a few continue to provide value and a few new ones appear from time to time.

Productivity tool - free - to do list

Productivity Free Tool - To Do List



Todoist is a leading online task manager that’s useful, fast and easy to use. I use a free tool for tracking the time I spend on client jobs but I needed a better and easier way to track my list of to do’s.

What I love about ToDoist is that it is synced online.  This allows me to connect to my list whether on Firefox or Chrome or even on my cell phone.  For instance, now I am using Google Chrome to type this post.  If I remember a task I need to finish, I just click the checkmark in the menu and add my task.

Productivity Free Tool To do List

Click on the checkmark


My list pops down. I can select which project I need to open to add the item or create a new project.

Productivity Free Tool to do list

Todoist for includes all these features:

  • Built-in calendar with support for recurring dates
  • Sub-projects and sub-tasks
  • Gmail integration (add emails as tasks and manage your inbox with ease)
  • Add interesting web pages as tasks – for reading later
  • Get reminded on email, SMS or via Notifo.com [only available in Todoist Premium]
  • Mobile access: View your tasks from your mobile phone
  • and a lot more…

I have just started using this tool but will provide updates as I find new uses for this list manager!


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How do I get website traffic?

Posted on 04 March 2010 by Linda Joseph

The best way to get free traffic is through search engine results and social marketing. This process can seem a bit overwhelming but if you break down the tasks into simple steps it is doable.
(Elements: keywords; articles; press releases; twitter; videos; web20 sites; RSS; social bookmarking; tracking; etc…)

30 Day Traffic – free set of daily tasks to increase site traffic:
Day 1 – check your keywords (This is the #1 problem I have seen – none/wrong keywords)
Day 2 – website (self-hosted WordPress or Blogger)
Day 3 – tracking (free tools)
Day 4 – Blog & Ping (this is NOT dead! — if done correctly)
Day 5 – SEO

For the rest, go to the resource below:

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Awesome Free Traffic Videos

Posted on 15 February 2010 by Linda Joseph

The free line continues to be expanded.  If you haven’t watched the free videos from Andy Jenkins then you are missing out on some great free training!

Go Watch Now!

Here are some of my notes from Video 2:video-littleboss2

Make a Video that closes the sale!

  1. Write a FAB script (Feature/Advantage/Benefit)
    Why the product will help them
  2. Turn Script into a Presentation
    Can use PowerPoint or similar
  3. Use relevant images/pics/photos
  4. Use transitions to keep them engaged
  5. Tell a story

Watch now and take notes.

Helping you define your road map to business success,

Internet Tutor

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