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How to Make Money on eBay (part 3)

Posted on 15 December 2011 by Linda Joseph

A Beginner’s Help guide to the various eBay Auction Types.

Through the years, eBay features a variety of different auction types, in order to give people more options once they purchase and sell their things on eBay.

For each seller who does not like the thought their item might cost a cheaper cost compared to what they intend, there’s another who would like to change 100s of the identical item rapidly. eBay attempts to focus on all tastes. This email provides you with an introduction to the different types of auctions as well as their advantages of you.

Normal Auctions.

Fundamental essentials bread-and-butter of eBay, the auctions everybody knows: purchasers bid, others outbid them, they bid again, and also the champion will get the product. Simple.

Reserve Auctions.

Reserve auctions are for retailers that do not want their products to market for under a particular cost – an idea you know about if you are acquainted with real auctions. They work much like normal auctions on eBay, with the exception that the customer is going to be told if their bid doesn’t satisfy the reserve cost you place, and they’re going to have to bid again when they want the product. If no-the first is prepared to meet your cost, then your auction is cancelled, and also you keep your item.

Fixed Cost (‘Buy it Now’) Auctions.

Purchase it Now auctions can be employed in 1 of 2 ways. You can include a Purchase it Now button to some normal auction, and therefore purchasers can pick with the idea to bid normally in order to simply spend the money for selling price and steer clear of the entire putting in a bid process. Some retailers, though, now eliminate the auction process altogether and just list almost all their products at fixed cost. This allows you avoid all of the complications from the auction format and just list your products based on how much you would like them to market for.

Lately, eBay added a twist to fixed cost auctions: the ‘best offer’. Which means that purchasers can contact you to definitely negotiate a cost, that could be a great way to get sell additional stock in a small discount. The only real disadvantage to reserve and glued cost auctions is you pay a little extra fee to make use of these formats. Generally, it’s more worth using reserve auctions for greater-listed products and glued cost auctions for lower-listed ones – but don’t forget that you could mix the 2 formats.

Multiple Item (‘Dutch’) Auctions.

They are auctions where one can sell several of the certain item. Nederlander auctions can be achieved by putting in a bid. Purchasers bid a cost and say the number of products they need, after which everybody pays the cheapest cost which was bid by among the winning bidders. For those who have trouble having your mind around that, then don’t be concerned – everybody else does too! These auctions are extremely rare

Furthermore common happens when selling real estate provides extensive one item, and lists it using a mix of two auction types: a multiple-item fixed cost auction. This means that you could just say the number of from the item you they’ve, and provide them in a fixed cost per unit. Purchasers can enter the number of they need after which simply click Purchase it Now to obtain them.

Now you know of the various kinds of auctions, you need to make certain the products you intend to market don’t violate eBay’s listing guidelines.


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How to create “instant” credibility…

Posted on 12 August 2009 by Linda Joseph

If you want to make money on the Internet you need to offer credible solutions to problems.

To become a recognized expert in a niche you need to produce
quality content.  You need more than just one article or a few blog
posts.  make money online without blowing smoke

You need a lot of evidence (content) that shows you have answers!

If you are a prolific writer then this shouldn’t be a problem.

But if you are like me, creating content is a challenge!

I have developed several techniques over the years to producing
tons of content:

*  outline steps or how to
*  then I add a few details to each step
*  since I can talk easier than write, I will talk from this
outline and record the audio
*  I will then transcript the audio and now I have content!

*  I keep an eye out for quality PLR from a trusted source
(I only purchase high quality PLR that I would be proud to stand

behind – Jimmy D Brown – I just bought his latest PLR package and it is quite good!)
*  I look for ways to repurpose the content so it doesn’t look like
the original PLR

For instance, if there are a set of articles, I turn them into
a report or a video series.  If there are a set of videos, I will
turn the content into a pdf.

There is great danger in using PLR!  Make sure you avoid the  mistakes  I’ll reveal in my next post.

Helping You Define Your Roadmap to Success,


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Make Money Online – Getting More Visitors

Posted on 30 January 2009 by Linda Joseph

Paying people to hold signs is one of the olde...
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A website is nothing more than a billboard in the dessert unless you have a strategy for driving traffic.

Driving traffic is easier than you think but it does require some thinking and work.

ASSUMPTION: You are offering something people are already looking for; you are converting visitors into buyers and you are ready to drive more traffic.

Here are three ways of driving traffic:

  1. Buy Traffic
  2. Borrow Traffic
  3. Build Traffic

1. Buy Traffic – is essentially advertising.  You can purchase banners, pay per click ads, pay per action ads, banner ads, ezine ads, classified, and a whole host of others types of advertising.

2. Borrow Traffic – is leveraging other peoples traffic.

3. Build Traffic – through SEO and SMO you can build traffic through search engines.  There are several components to this and a well thought out strategy is worth while!

To build traffic you have to look at both the on-page and off-page strategies.  SEO – Search Engine Optimization is one of the fundamentals for getting found.  It doesn’t carry a lot of weight but you have the foundation.

Off-page optimization includes backlinks, social media, articles, videos, blogs, social bookmarking, etc.  Putting together a strategy that will give you the best return for your efforts will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Back to blogs next post. They are a critical piece of the strategy.

For step by step video tutorials, instructions, guides and more, check out the special offer

Helping you define your Internet Business GPS – Goals | Purpose | Strategy

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Make Money Online – How Do I Get My Website Found?

Posted on 28 January 2009 by Linda Joseph

Make Money Online
How Do I Drive More Visitors (Traffic)
to My Website?

I have not had a single client who has not asked this question!

I have to start off with a question: Who is you market?I want more Traffic!
Can you describe your ideal visitor?
Do you know what he/she is looking for?

The sad thing is, most website owners can’t tell you!
If you don’t know your market or your audience, it is hard to attract visitors who want what you offer!

When you come into our membership area, the first thing I have you do is make sure your understand your market, audience and offer.  You list the keywords you want to target to reach your market. 

Then we look at traffic generation strategies.

Before you waste a lot of time and money on a website or blog, make sure you know who you want and have a good reason for them to visit your site versus the other million sites.

Helping you define your Internet GPS – Goals… Purpose… Strategy   (Roadmap to success)

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