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How to Turn Customers into Subscribers

Posted on 16 December 2011 by Linda Joseph

Your most valuable asset is your list.  I have heard countless times from the most respected Internet marketers is that if they lost their business, the first thing they would do is start building a list.

(If you don’t know anything about list building then bookmark this blog and come back for updates.)

This post is about the new feature that aWeber is providing: integration with PayPal!  This is an awesome feature!

Here is how this works:

  1. A customer clicks your buy now PayPal button
  2. They purchase the product/service through PayPal
  3. They are automatically added to your aWeber list of choice!

Here is the graphic aWeber provides showing how this process works:

This is really awesome!  If you aren’t excited about this then you don’t understand the power of list building AND you don’t appreciate the power of a BUYER list!  (You better bookmark this and come back for updates!!!)

Here is why I get excited:

  • Buyers are people who take action – I want to work with buyers!
  • I can help my buyers consume my products
  • I can followup easily with buyers to make sure they have access to the product
  • I can recommend complementary products that will help them grow their business.
  • I can add buyers of different products to different lists

I’m not not going to explain today how this works but it is easy to setup.

PS If you don’t have aWeber, take it for a test drive today! Just fill in the form below.

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How to Make Money Selling Physical (Digital) Products

Posted on 08 January 2009 by Linda Joseph

I make money online by selling digital products, services and physical products. One of the secret ways I make money is by taking my digital products and turning them into physical products.

My list, my members and my clients love the physical products but the here is the real secret:  selling these physical products on eBay.

Last year eBay changed their policy and you can no longer sell physical products on eBay. It is so easy to take your digital products and turn them into physical products.

I use software that makes this process dead simple:

  1. I use Kunaki to handle the fulfillment
  2. I use DiscMojo to sell the physical product from my website
    (for example go to www.BasicWebsiteHelp.com)
  3. I use Auction Acrobat to sell the physical product on eBay
    (for example, here is one physical product I sell on eBay; everything is handled automatically.)

All of this is seamless!  Once I set up Kunaki and the software I just receive money in my PayPal accout.
I love it!!

(I have videos that show you how to set up your physical product in Kunaki, how to set up DiscMojo, and a user’s guide for Auction Acrobat. Click here to see the list.)

For the next couple of days, Auction Acrobat is HALF PRICE!

To use this software – you do not need any HTML/PHP
knowledge, you do not need a product of your own, you do not need a
mailing list, you don’t even need a functioning website.

All you need is a webhost, a resale rights product (or your own product)  and a drive to succeed to build an unstoppable automated income stream on eBay.

Setup once, sell forever.

The software integrates with Ebay, Get Response, Aweber, Paypal and Kunaki…

  • Works in every country that eBay supports
  • Sell physical CD/DVD’s on autopilot
  • Capture buyer’s physical address
  • Capture buyer’s email
  • Sell unlimited CD/DVD products on eBay- You can add as many
    products as you wish within minutes.
  • Allows MULTIPLE product purchases on eBay through one auction
  • 100% integration with PayPal for your convenience and easy
    payment options using eBay. eBay swears by PayPal
  • Point. Click. Deliver. It’s That’s Easy!

Get this software now for half price… (even at full price it is well worth it)

Take a look at one of the products I sell this way on eBay.

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Online Credit Cards, Online Payments

Posted on 11 September 2008 by Linda Joseph

credit cardsImage by s e l v i n via Flickr

How do I accept credit cards online?

I can’t believe how many times I am asked this question!

“I have an ebook I want to sell online.  How can I accept credit cards?”

“I have a service I want to offer on the Internet.  How can I get payments online?”

“I am offering a workshop and need to have a way for attendees to pay me automatically.”

If you have wondered how to accept payments online, wonder no longer.  It is actually quite simple.


Watch this video…

Helping you define your roadmap to success,

PS Subscribe to the RSS so you don’t miss the beta test announcement for more videos.

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