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Tweet Later – Twitter Tricks

Posted on 27 August 2008 by Linda Joseph

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I just read a free report on Twitter. It had some great content and it is FREE!

One of my readers complained the last time I offered a freebie. The complaint was that didn’t like the upsell… :o) Come’on guys,,, upsells come with the territory!

When a reputable person recommends a freebie I take a look. If the content is good and helpful I will usually buy the upsell because I know it will probably save me time and money in the long run.

Enough on upsells,,, back to the content. Here is something I learned,,, I liked receiving a ‘thank you’ when I started following someone on twitter and wanted to do the same but didn’t have time to look into the process.

I found the answer in this free ebook – use TweetLater.

For more gems, get the free Twitter ebook now!

Helping you define your road map to success,


PS Make sure you sign up for the webinar on creating another stream of imcome by turning digital trash into cash!

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Twitter Report

Posted on 01 August 2008 by Linda Joseph

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TwitterFeed – Live Widget for Twitterfeed

Posted on 17 June 2008 by Linda Joseph

Twitterfeed Widget – I just added a widget in the right navigation for TwitterFeed. (It is just about the MyBlogLog widget.)

Like you, I am wondering,, what is the purpose of this widget? Why would I want it on my blog?

First let’s backup: Twitterfeed is an easy way to put your blog RSS on Twitter. All you do is sign up for an account and then type in your username and password for Twitter. Go to you blog and copy the RSS feed URL and paste the URL in TwitterFeed.

Now you can decide how often you want TwitterFeed to check for new updates and the number of entries you want to show. I chose to check every six hours and show up to five new posts. From the drop down I choose to include both the Title and Description.

The next dropdown is for shortening your URL. Since you only get 140 characters you want to shorten your URL to save space. The options are: TinyURL, TweetBurner, and SnipeURL. I like TweetBurner because it tracks my links and I can find great tweets by browsing through the top tweets listing.

I will send a tweet and see if I can get a response for the value of the Twitterfeed Widget…

Helping You Define Your Roadmap to Success,


PS If you haven’t tried Twitter, sign up for an account now.

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