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How to Create a Facebook Page URL

Posted on 15 September 2011 by Linda Joseph

How to Create a Facebook Page URL

Creating a Facebook page URL or username for your Facebook page just got a lot simpler!

You used to first create a page and then need to get 25 ‘Likes’ before you could select a username.  That has all changed!

You can now setup a Facebook page and get a vanity URL (or username) without having to get the 25 ‘Likes’!  That makes it so much simpler for businesses trying to get their username for their business.


What about all those greedy Internet marketers who will try to horde as many names as they can?

Facebook has thought about that and has a few rules to circumvent a lot of hording…

  • You still can’t change the username once you choose one.  (That rule hasn’t changed Once you have 100 likes, you are stuck!)
  • You cannot transfer ownership of a username to another entity
  • You can’t violate trademark rights (so no getting facebook.com/trademark)
  • You can’t take a username and sit on it with the intention to sell it in the future…:o)
  • If you have an unauthorized usage of the name you may loose it

If appears that Facebook is covering its bases.  For those of you building a legitimate page for your business, good news for you!


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What is the best day to post on Facebook?

Posted on 06 April 2011 by Linda Joseph

Years ago I read several studies on the best times and days to send emails to subscribers. I also looked at what some of the top Internet marketers were doing.  Jim Cockrum was sending his newsletter out on Tuesday with a followup on Thursday with his online version.

I just came across this report by BuddyMedia. Their report, “Strategies For Effective Facebook Wall Posts: A Statistical Review,” covers several key strategies to consider.

If you are using Facebook for your business, you need to read this report as well as decide how best to fit these strategies into your over all marketing plan. [Note: If you are not using Facebook for your business, you need to ask yourself why you are not taking advantage of this free marketing resource!]

Just a few excerpts:

Best day to post on Facebook: as a general rule of thumb, Thursdays have the best engagement rates.  (Different industries may vary slightly. Read the report to see how your industry interacts on Facebook.)

Best length of post: Short versus Long – I like the results!  Short wins out over long posts.

URL – to shorten or not to shorten – and the survey says: do not shorten.

Helping You to Define Your Road Map to Success,

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