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Page Rank Booster – Free Software

Posted on 06 December 2007 by Linda Joseph

I have been using several strategies to boost my page rank. One piece of the strategy involves using software I had to pay to use.

Now that software is FREE!! Get your Comment Software now.

Watch the video below and see how easy to it to boost your page rank. CAUTION: This takes time and work,, but it is easy.

Helping you define the roadmap for success,
PS Make sure you get you software now! I will be showing you the results I see over time as well as show other tricks.

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  1. Karen Brunet Says:

    I loved the video. It looks like such an easy software and system to use. Thanks for posting this for us. I can’t wait to see your results for increased traffic.

    This is another tool I will add to my own free traffic strategies. I just love free traffic.

    Karen Brunet

  2. Karen Skoog Says:

    I loved your little comment about this takes time and if you aren’t going to use it don’t bother! That is very true. But I’m also thinking that taking the time means work and that is what it takes. Thanks for your honesty! So many marketers say things that makes you think it took no work at all. Your videos are great because they are to the point and honest. For a real beginner I need that.
    Karen Skoog

  3. David affiliate info Says:

    Good job,
    Your pagerank after 3 years is 2 but what the results? The great thing on it is your site is on the first page in google. This means the great seo targeted website on the one or more simple selected keywords. I don’t belive one thing. The comment kahuna works on the comments on blogs. I use it but my page rank don’t increase up. My question is: Do you use only comment kahuna or other free seo traffic methods which can help us with pagerank and site liting growing? What about targeted backlinks on some of your keywords or other things? Thank you for your answer.

  4. Linda Says:

    David, Good question! This post was back in 2007. I do a number of things for backlinks now. If you want a quick outline of getting backlinks, go to There are different tasks each day which will help your search results.

    Primary task: pick good keywords to target and stay focused! (I have not done as well as I could have because I cover so many topics and I used this site for testing video marketing.)


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